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Volcanic ash cloud strands ICIS editors abroad

The volcanic ash cloud which has closed UK air space has left various ICIS London editors stranded across Europe and the US, kicking their heels and sadly unable to return to work. The Blog’s occasional guest contributor, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, finds himself stranded in Norway with nothing better to do than to complain […]

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Do you mind me wearing jeans Lord M?

The Blog’s Chief Gas Correspondent, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, has been fraternising with the aristocracy and pondering sartorial issues. He writes:   One thing about working in the Central London office for ICIS Heren is that you can just pop out for a quick press conference at extremely short notice. So when an email […]

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Managing expectations British Airways style

HOUSTON (Chemicals Confidential)–How to keep a business traveller happy? First leave us guessing up until the very last minute whether our BA flights to Houston for NPRA will be cancelled on account of the strike. Then just as despair is beginning to set in, confirm the outbound flight but not the return. Wait until the […]

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PHOTO: Snowy ICIS London offices

As ICIS reporters living on the outskirts of snowy London discover the delights of teleworking, here is a nice sunny photo of the Winter Wonderland around the ICIS offices taken yesterday by my fellow blogger Adam Tinworth.

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“State of Play” – a journalist’s movie

Russell Crowe stars in the new movie “State of Play”, about an investigative reporter who gets involved with the personal problems of an old friend, a politician uncovering corruption. It is set in the US, where big newspapers have been closing in recent months, rather than the UK where the original TV series was set, […]

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ICIS at NPRA 2009

My colleague Stephen Burns, managing editor of ICIS Houston, has compiled a short video of some of the conference activity in the ICIS suite and beyond, on the sidelines of the 2009 NPRA conference in San Antonio. 

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Manners Maketh Man

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–I had the nicest email yesterday, from a French contact. It read:   “Dear Mrs Ortner, Thank you very much for your below message – this is precisely what I need.. Thanks again.”   It just shows there’s no need to wax effusive to convey appreciation. A simple thankyou will do just […]

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Ladies still run, despite Charlie’s move to energy

Charlie Shaw, formerly of ICIS pricing, and now covering European gas and power markets for ICIS Heren, finds that his new vocation falls short in terms of turning him into a babe-magnet …   In my petrochemical reporting days, I would find myself trying to reconcile the often contrasting versions of reality offered by producers, […]

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Sharing your Rugdoctor

Julia Meehan reports on her recession-busting approach to DIY carpet cleaning …   An ivory carpet for a kids’ bedroom is probably not the best colour – it’s now covered in stains and, quite frankly, it no longer looks anything like it did in the designer magazine which inspired it.   Since I can’t afford […]

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“It’s quiet out there… too quiet…”

Peter Salisbury, aromatics editor at ICIS pricing, reflects on what to do in the office when the markets are quiet … A European styrene trader who shall remain unnamed spent November and the first two weeks of December in Argentina, the lucky sod, working from his mobile (full disclosure: I got a couple of weeks […]

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