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Chemicals follow cell phones “down the toilet”

The sharp fall in most chemical prices in recent weeks has resulted in some frayed nerves and some colourful language from traditionally mild-mannered industry contacts of ICIS pricing reporters – some of which has been captured in ICIS news articles:  “There have been a lot of flakers,” “It’s a disaster.”   One polymers contact described […]

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The Axis of Diesel

Remember US President George W Bush’s “Axis of Evil“? Well now there’s the “Axis of Diesel” – the petro-states of Russia, Iran and Venezuela which were able to take their windfall profits from the peak oil prices of mid-2008 and use them to extend their military spending and foreign assistance, but which are now facing […]

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The lure of a Hawaiian conference

Our Houston pricing editors were enthralled to receive a last-minute press release from BASF inviting them to this week’s World Brewing Congress at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the chemicals major would be showcasing some new filtration products.

My colleague Stephen Burns in Houston tells me that despite the short notice, editors were passionately keen to transmute their experience of the subject matter into a Hawaian business trip.

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More ICIS/Chemease pricing reports on China

Everyone wants to read about China, I tell the 18 Shanghai reporters who are looking to me for guidance on how to write for an international audience. In fact they are already writing for a huge Chinese readership, but now they are going to turn their hand to writing in English about the Chinese domestic chemicals markets which they know so well. Acrylo, oxos and capro are among the new English-language reports ICIS is launching together with its jv partner CBI under the name ICIS/Chemease in May, and that’s why I’m working in our Shanghai office with the editorial team this week.

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Big Brother is spying on our Messenger

Global trading of chemicals would grind to a halt without Yahoo Messenger. But how secret are our business and personal communications on messenger platforms? It’s enough to bring every trader and market reporter out in a cold sweat to read on the New Scientist blog that if you used the instant-messaging system MSN messenger in June 2006, all your chats were being collected and being passed (anonymised, of course) to researchers at Microsoft Research, a paper in the physics pre-print server arXiv reveals.”

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How to be a good price reporting contact

You’re reading this week’s pricing report on your chemical of choice and thinking if only those prices were $20/tonne higher, how much easier your life would be. But how to do it? Ever think of picking up the phone and persuading the ICIS editor that the market is moving up this week? Here are some […]

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