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Methodology workshops for ICIS chemical pricing

Price assessments being at the heart of our business at ICIS, I’ve been involved with some methodology workshops in Houston and London over the last couple of weeks. In my role as head of market reporting, it’s been interesting to hear from our pricing editors about the varying discount structures and contract settlement processes across […]

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Watchmen, Lego, Prisoners and Pricing

Reading the papers in a leisurely fashion on the train to visit the ICIS Heren offices in Holborn, central London, I see that there are chemicals galore in the news today.   The first reviews for the long-awaited film of “Watchmen” are out, and being a dark and grisly tale of super-heroes battling the forces […]

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The Axis of Diesel

Remember US President George W Bush’s “Axis of Evil“? Well now there’s the “Axis of Diesel” – the petro-states of Russia, Iran and Venezuela which were able to take their windfall profits from the peak oil prices of mid-2008 and use them to extend their military spending and foreign assistance, but which are now facing […]

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A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash (the movie)

It looks like this is a film for us: “A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.”http://www.oilcrashmovie.com/film.html It’s opening in the UK in November. Has anyone seen it yet? Thanks to www.oilcrashmovie.com for photo of “Depleted Azeri Oilfield.”

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