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Homemade PVC Pipe Instrument Medley

This PVC Pipe Instrument was showcased by Snubby J, a young performer who has apparently been on America‘s Got Talent.   Brian Ford in ICIS Houston put this video clip on the in-house yammer system, ostensibly to show the versatility of PVC pipes …   (Photo: Craziest Gadgets) @ Yahoo! Video

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Best of Vinyl 2009 – Winner Announced

The winner of the “Best of Vinyl” competition was announced today on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme, I heard as I drove through the frosty London landscape.   The Art Vinyl competition is to celebrate the art of album covers (strangely enough not the achievements of the PVC industry) – an art which still survives […]

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Vivienne Westwood’s plastic shoes

Plastic shoes aren’t just limited to jellies and crocs for paddling in rockpools. Now designer Vivienne Westwood has a collection of PVC shoes at very reasonable prices, produced by Brazilian shoe giant Grendene, which has “developed an ecologically-aware production process in which every product is recyclable and challenged the world’s perception of plastic by fusing its […]

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Serbian plastics factory raided in hunt for Mladic

A Serbian plastics factory was raided by security forces on Monday in the search for war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic, according to reports on BBC radio and on the Telegraph newspaper website. The owners of the PVC plant in the west of the country, which was named as Vujic Valjevo, denied all knowledge of Mladic’s […]

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Why are Brits rubbish at recycling?

Why are Brits rubbish at recycling? As I danced down the stairs on Saturday morning with another couple of bin bags full of rubbish, I asked myself why we Brits are so bad at recycling? I’m not a bad person but it just never occurs to me to put my empty bottles in a box and take them to the skip by the station. When I’ve just finished reading the hefty Sunday papers it never dawns on me to fold them up and separate them from the rest of my detritus.

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Chemical safety of shower curtains

Are you worried about the smell of your new shower curtain? Or how about the smell of your new car? Now that I mention it, perhaps you had been feeling nervous about the “lurking menace in the bathroom… quietly off-gassing a cruel industrial bouquet of death vapours”. I am indebted to Nel for spotting this interesting and amusingly cynical blog called “Lamentations on Chemistry”.

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