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Taiwan schoolgirl discovers PS eating bacterium.jpg

High School girl discovers polystyrene eating bacterium

Top awards in last month’s Intel International Science Fair go to Tseng I-Ching from Taiwan who discovered a ‘red bacterium’ derived from mealworm beetles that metabolizes polystyrene, according to an article in Taiwan News which was picked up in this blog posting.   (photo: dhcp.tcgs.tc.edu.tw)

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Recycled plastic balls

Nice picture in the TimesOnline Photo Gallery today, under Pictures of the Day: “A vendor pulls a handcart carrying balls made from recycled plastic along a street in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.” (photo Amit Dave/Reuters, TimesOnline)

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Washable business suit made from recycled polyester

My fellow ICIS blogger Doris has a great posting on the new washable men’s business suit made from Teijin’s Eco-A-Wear fabric, on her Green Chemicals blog: “The fabric is composed of 54% recycled polyester, 42% wool and 4% stretched spandex. Teijin’s recycled polyester by the way is made from used polyethylene terephtalate (PET) bottles. According […]

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Even more bad news for plastics makers!

Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, travelling in India, sends this piece for the Blog …   Check out this photo from a rather remote part of India. I snapped this in Sikkim, a stone’s throw from Nepal and Bhutan. Stunning place and very environmentally aware. On the same day the New York Times was reporting […]

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jade rabbit.jpg

Rabbit Building – Macau Pavilion

The Blog was sure that the proposed Macau Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, in the shape of a jade rabbit lantern, would be made of petrochemical materials, but it appears not. The “Rabbit Building” is made of a “glass membrane, wrapped in fluorescent screens … and constructed out of recycled materials.”

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hard drive 10.jpg

How to get rid of a computer

It’s not often that I feel the need to smash something up with a hammer, but the old computer had been sitting unused for about two years, and it was time for it to go.

Heeding all the scare stories about identity theft from unwiped hard drives, my son carefully removed the two hard drives. We loaded the PC into the car to go to the “Household Reuse and Recycling Centre (The Tip)”, where a man in a little hut recycles salvageable electronic components into his own pocket, and then set about destroying the hard drives.

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Totally recyclable PLA cups for ICIS smoothies

It’s getting everywhere. These recyclable PLA (polylactic acid) smoothie cups were spotted in the ICIS canteen on Wednesday. The big recycling push here at Reed Business Information (RBI – ICIS’s parent company) has extended to food packaging and even paper napkins made from recycled paper. Recycling is encouraged across our offices as it is in so many others now. I wonder what the full impact will be on virgin petro-polymer demand?

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Why are Brits rubbish at recycling?

Why are Brits rubbish at recycling? As I danced down the stairs on Saturday morning with another couple of bin bags full of rubbish, I asked myself why we Brits are so bad at recycling? I’m not a bad person but it just never occurs to me to put my empty bottles in a box and take them to the skip by the station. When I’ve just finished reading the hefty Sunday papers it never dawns on me to fold them up and separate them from the rest of my detritus.

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How to get rich: Rockefeller

A newspaper leader on “The Arithmetic of Crude Oil” made the Blog smile when it cited
Rockefeller’s famous recipe for growing rich – “Get up early, work late, and strike oil”. There were also two other good pieces on “Garbage in, petrol out” and “Diesel from algae”. And a piece about worried oil traders, whose part in the global oil price hike is now under scrutiny.

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Post-holiday chemical reading

While the Blog has been away on holiday (of which, more later), it seems that the mainstream press has been full of items of interest to chemical folk. UK supermarkets are now selling milk in recyclable plastic pouches, with a plastic jug, or “revolutionary eco-friendly milk container” to store in the fridge, according this article in the Times. ExxonMobil started a series of full page ads in the The Daily Telegraph (p7 on 9 June) on “The Global Energy Challenge”. Lucy Kellaway in the FT puts her finger on the button as to why people aren’t happy in their corporate jobs. They don’t get to spend enough time doing what they consider to be their real job. Beauticians, hairdressers and soldiers, by contrast, spend their working lives doing the work they have chosen to do, and have been trained to do, and are top of the happiness charts.

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