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Top fish and chips in London

Our visitors to London often clamour to be taken for the classic British fish and chips meal. To be clear, it is usually our American or Australian visitors. Our Chinese colleagues tend not to want to repeat the experience.   Until now, the Blog had always recommended the Sea Shell in Marylebone, but since a […]

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Gong Xie Fa Cai at the Phoenix Palace

Devouring ten dishes including lobster, crispy seaweed and seabass, the Blog welcomed in the Year of the Rabbit with 50 other friends of China at a business dinner in Baker Street on Monday night. Everyone was supposed to have some connection with China, or at least a liking for big Chinese banquets, and the dress […]

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High expectations for EPL in Copenhagen

Ahead of the summer EPL in Copenhagen, some canny travellers have been taking advice from local friends.   It seems that the Danish capital has some fantastic food. I’ve just read through this review which Truong has kindly forwarded to me, and was struck by words like “incredible”, “wonderments”, “life-changing”, “absurdly delicious” and my favourite, […]

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World’s highest restaurant opens in Dubai

Hey James, when you’re in Dubai for the ICIS Middle East Baseoils Conference in October, be sure to stop off for a coffee at the world’s highest restaurant, which opened today on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa tower.   The restaurant is part of “At.mosphere,” the latest record-breaker from the Emirate.

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Houston Restaurant Reviews

After the Blog’s restaurant review of San Antonio went out to general acclaim, it seemed appropriate to provide petchem travellers to Houston with the same level of service.   Ouisie’s Table (pronounced Weezies) Great southern food with delightful service. It’s buzzy at lunchtime, but quieter in the evening. The deep fried oysters and the assortment of […]

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More San Antonio restaurant advice

The Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in San Antonio came to a close on Tuesday, and as he returned to Europe a delegate writes to the Blog with more top tips for next year’s NPRA …   “If you’re still reviewing restaurants for San Antonio, try Bohanan’s, 219 E Houston St.   Very good indeed. The owner […]

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Champagne splits signal recession over

If ever there was a place to declare “Recession, what recession?” it’s London‘s West End on a Saturday night.   In Covent Garden, every restaurant is packed. Pub windows disclose drinkers squeezed in like on the rush hour underground. I walk past one pub, the Porterhouse, where people are queuing to get into the cordoned-off […]

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Secret restaurants in Berlin

News of a new dining trend for secret restaurants in Berlin took the Blog’s attention on the flight home from holiday. Secret restaurants which are unpublicised and hard to find are all the rage in Germany‘s capital city and home to this year’s EPCA conference in two weeks’ time, according to an article in the […]

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Michelle Obama chooses London chemicals pub

Michelle Obama and her daughters were photographed arriving at London’s Audley pub on Monday, choosing the pub already made famous as the traditional meeting place for Europe’s chemical elite after the annual Floggers Luncheon.    The Blog was delighted to see this recognition of the nation’s pre-eminent chemicals pub, and not only enjoyed the photo spread in the UK’s Daily Mail […]

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Best steak in England

On Saturday night I had the best steak I’ve ever had in England. It was at Harry’s Grill Bar in Exeter, Devon, and it was really up to Texan standards. For proud parents visiting their student offspring at Exeter University (oh yes that’s us), this is just the place to take them for a treat.The […]

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