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Send your Anybot into meetings

I’m expecting to see Anybots milling around in conference lobbies or corporate meeting rooms before the year is out. It’s an internet-operated “telepresence robot” which can be manoeuvred from thousands of miles away using a laptop and headset, according to this article.   You can join in meetings, attend conferences, ask questions or wander round […]

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BMT Robotic Fish.jpg

Robofish uses chemicals to detect pollutants

A robotic fish which detects harmful pollutants using chemical sensors has been developed by UK-based BMT Group. The sophisticated £20,000 ($29,000) carp “robofish” can swim individually or in shoals in slow-moving water in harbours and ports, and they communicate the data back to the control centre while replenishing their batteries at their charging hub. The […]

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