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PHOTOS: More from AFPM 2012

1 View of lobby of Marriott Rivercenter Hotel 2 Meetings in the ICIS suite, MarriottRiverwalk Hotel 3 AFPM General Session with Nigel Davis Tuesday afternoon and the final day’s AFPM meetingsare still going strong in the lobbies of the Grand Hyatt and the MarriottRivercenter. Outside it is another hot day, and delegates are leaving to […]

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1 AFPM Opening Reception Sunday. 2 In the ICIS suite 3 AFPM President Charles Drevna 4 AFPM Opening Reception 5 Nigel Davis chairing General Session Monday

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Day One at AFPM 2012

Day Oneof AFPM starts undesirably early with a jet-lagged awakening long before dawn. Inthe idle hours before the start of the business day, I browse through the 37thAFPM IPC 2012 delegate booklet to see if anyone I know has an updated photo. I see ourown Nigel Davis has his photo prominently on page 10, because […]

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Thick fog on Saturday morning at AFPM

A thickpea-souper fog shrouds San Antonio as the jet-lagged early risers wake to theSaturday morning of AFPM (the conference formerly known as NPRA). A few suitsare already in a meeting in the breakfast room of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel,but most delegates arriving a day early are focussing on going for a run on theRiverwalk, checking […]

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Memories of Texan conferences

Recapture the margarita-flavoured haze of San Antonio with this fantastic video clip sent to me by an eminent member of the US NECA  (Northeast Chemical Association.)   In a brief two-minute clip, it brings back with Proustian clarity: That meeting with an old acquaintance whose name you couldn’t remember The bizarre nature of US pharmaceutical […]

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When demand outstrips supply: the iPad 2

After a spot of early morning waiting in line at the Apple store at the Houston Galleria, three of my Shanghai colleagues were able to buy themselves six of the much sought-after iPad 2, and we are using them to demonstrate ICIS reports to visitors and ICIS staff alike.   The Blog listened open-mouthed to […]

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New places to go in San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas where it’s a hair-curling 32 deg C at 7pm on Friday evening and the Riverwalk is busier than a mainline London train station at rush hour.   The NPRA banners are flying side by side with the NCAA basketball banners on the street lamp posts.   Ignatio S was here […]

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Designated driver on the road to San Antonio

How can it have happened that I am the designated driver for the road trip from Houston to San Antonio for NPRA?   I’ve always managed to cadge a lift (ride) before, but this time I have been out-manoeuvred.   This is bad news for all concerned because: I don’t like driving on the other […]

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On conference drinks and exploding cocktails

I first heard someone ordering an “Irish Car Bomb” cocktail in Durty Nellie’s, an american Irish bar in San Antonio, Texas during NPRA a couple of years ago. It was shockingly sobering to have the maimed bodies of Omagh conjured up in casual humour and an unpleasant demonstration that plenty of people still find other […]

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NPRA 2011 – 2,460 signed up

The annual NPRA IPC conference in San Antonio this year has already signed up over 2,460 delegates, according to a delegate list seen this week. The International Petrochemical Conference (IPC) will take place at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio on 27-29 March 2011. Last year’s conference had between 2,400 and 2,500 delegates. Delegates registered by […]

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