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More San Antonio restaurant advice

The Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in San Antonio came to a close on Tuesday, and as he returned to Europe a delegate writes to the Blog with more top tips for next year’s NPRA …   “If you’re still reviewing restaurants for San Antonio, try Bohanan’s, 219 E Houston St.   Very good indeed. The owner […]

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Dallas Cowboys and Southwestern Fertilizers

What’s the connection between the Dallas Cowboys American football team and fertilizers? It sounds like the beginning of an off-colour joke, but no. Our own Carl Roache has spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, and sends this picture to the Blog to show that the conference delegates are not the […]

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PHOTOS: ICIS suite at NPRA on Sunday

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Heather Doyle of ICIS Houston not only carried her camera around at NPRA like the rest of us, but also had the presence of mind to take some photos in the ICIS suite. Here she shares some pics of the Sunday ICIS cocktail reception at NPRA. 1 Heather with industry contact Luther 2 Stephen and […]

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PHOTOS: NPRA 2010 in colour

1 ICIS staff hard at work filing news on Sunday morning at NPRA 2010. 2 Welcome Party on Sunday evening at NPRA: (left to right: Heather, William, Ryan, Truong, Nel.)

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NPRA 2010 attendance up – official

I bumped into my old friend Charlie Drevna, chairman of NPRA and subject of my pre-NPRA “curtain raiser” interviews in previous years, at the Welcome Party on Sunday evening. He was keen to tell me that the previous communications manager, who had never shown a great fondness for the Blog, was gone. The new incumbent, […]

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Shiner Happy People

The leading lights from the European chapter of ICIS news – Lewis, Nigel, Graeme – took to the road to drive from Houston to San Antonio on Saturday afternoon.   Says Lewis: “On our journey from Houston to San Antonio we made the difficult to decision to drive a few extra miles to the Spoetzl […]

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Strawberries and Ice Sculpture in San Antonio

  The clever thing about arriving in Houston on Wednesday is that we were over the jet lag before the festivities began. By Saturday afternoon in San Antonio, the sun was blazing and at the Kolmar party in the courtyard of the Plaza San Antonio hotel, everyone was in sunglasses under the spreading cotton trees. […]

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Charlie Gibson announced as NPRA Luncheon speaker

NPRA has announced on its website that the speaker at the International Petrochemical Luncheon will be Charles “Charlie” Gibson, Former ABC World News anchor and co-anchor of Good Morning America.   NPRA’s International Petrochemical Conference is less than five weeks away, on 28-30 March 2010 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The […]

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Hi-tech Plastic Wrap-Around Video Specs

The petrochemical world is divided, as in so many things, on the subject of whether it is cool to wear sunglasses indoors – for example, at a conference.   Digressing for just a moment, it is almost always acceptable even mandatory to wear sunglasses at outdoor industry events. What self-respecting delegate would even think of […]

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ICIS at NPRA 2009

My colleague Stephen Burns, managing editor of ICIS Houston, has compiled a short video of some of the conference activity in the ICIS suite and beyond, on the sidelines of the 2009 NPRA conference in San Antonio. 

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