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Bring Your Gun to Work

Petrochemical folk who are contemplating a March trip to Houston or San Antonio may be interested to see this Client Alert from a US law firm on the subject: Texas Legislature Considering New ‘Bring Your Gun To Work’ Bill.   Texas State Senator Glenn Hegar has proposed a new bill that would limit Texas employers’ […]

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Sirius about Chemicals

From this week’s Southwest Fertilizers conference in San Antonio, Texas comes this photo of Bar Sirius. The Blog’s Texas correspondent has been spending some time there, and finds it reminiscent of the now defunct Philadelphia-based Sirius Chemicals – tag line: “Sirius Chemicals – we don’t **** around”.

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Keeping cool with Nike in Texas

I hope my colleagues attending the Southwest Fertilizer conference in San Antonio, Texas, today have packed one of these Nike PreCool Vests. Designed to cool the core temperature of an athlete’s body prior to competition, it will be just the thing to prime them for firm hand-shaking action in the Marriott Rivercenter lobby. Each triangle is made of two layers to keep it cool. The inner layer is filled with water, which is frozen, while the outer layer insulates like a thermos. Coated with aluminium, the triangles also reflect radiant heat, according to an article in the July/August edition of “American Chemistry”.

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More photos from ICIS suite at NPRA

More photos from the ICIS suite at NPRA.

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Tattoos emerge as NPRA fashion theme

The question on the lips of delegates over ceviche and sushi at Monday night’s LyondellBasell and Mitsubishi parties was: what will be the fashion trends emerging from NPRA 2008? The Blog fashion editor has just a one-word answer: Tattoos.

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San Antonio Grand Hyatt rises like a phoenix

In idle moments between meetings, NPRA delegates fill the time with industry gossip. The Blog hears that chemicals folk staying at the brand new Hyatt Grand hotel, which has risen from an empty building site by the Conference Center (sic) in the space of the last year, were finding that their rooms in the half-built, half-occupied hotel were next door to constant drilling and the lifts (elevators) weren’t working. According to the concierge of the Marriott Riverwalk, the hotel is already housing 140 NPRA delegates. What fun for them. Still Nel, Bharat and Dan go to check it out and report back that the lobby and bar are “very swish and glamorous”.

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San Antonio welcomes NPRA

Walking up to the Rivercenter just before 9.00 am on this cool grey San Antonio Saturday morning, I come across closed streets, a police cordon and a seemingly endless torrent of marchers in pink. Two pink ladies in Starbucks tell me it is the “Race for Cure” breast cancer awareness march, and there are forty thousand of them on the streets this morning… Meanwhile, up on the mezzanine floor of the Marriott Riverwalk, the hi-tech ICIS suite is taking shape. I

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San Antonio Music Goes on a European Tour

Getting in the mood for NPRA in San Antonio, Texas, I went to see country rocker Steve Earle, himself from Schertz, Texas, 17 miles north of San Antonio, in concert on Friday.
the two plaintive duets with his newest wife, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer, had some sweetly touching harmonies.

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Bad press for techies

So it’s official: techies are out of shape and never take any exercise. Our techie colleagues on this Electronics Weekly blog have come across a medical report released today which says that the technology and IT sectors have an “unappetising set of diet and lifestyle statistics”. I can speak as an honorary techie, after I […]

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Poppies and petrochemicals

I do some of my best thinking in the car. Not on the slow early morning drive through the suburbs of south-west London to the ICIS offices, but on long distance journeys like the one we did this weekend, taking our son to start his university in life in Exeter, a cathedral city about three […]

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