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Nappies recycled into rooftiles

The UK‘s first nappy (diaper) recycling plant is open in West Bromwich, and is set to be the first of five plants to take used nappies and turn them into rooftiles and jogging tracks, according to this article on MSN.   Over 1 million tonnes/year of absorbent hygiene products are generated in the UK, and […]

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Super Absorbent Polymers in fashionable adult nappies

This great photo of gorgeous pouting models wearing black catsuits and nappies (diapers) from the 2008 autumn collection in a Tokyo catwalk show immediately made me think: Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP).    Disposable nappies, including adult versions and the astronaut version (MAGs -  maximum absorbency garments) are a huge growth area for acrylic acid, and worth […]

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