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Silly Bandz elastic wristbands come to Europe

Petchem parents should be warned that the next US craze to hit their children, after stickers and vampires, is going to be Silly Bandz, colourful elastic wristbands which are selling at the rate of a million packs a week in the US.   Each pack contains 24 rubbery plastic bands, shaped like animals or fish […]

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Koala bears at ICIS

Nel tells me that her daughter had to write a piece for school last week on endangered species, and went to find a nice picture of a koala bear on Google Images. She was astonished to find that the Number One picture of koala bears was from ICIS.com, and on further inspection was from ICIS blogs: here […]

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Back-to-school haircuts and shoes

I wonder if the world’s most famous hockey mom is spending any time right now getting back-to-school haircuts and new shoes for her kids. Probably not, as the Alaskan school term runs from 20 August, but here in London the capital’s hairdressers, shoe shops and school uniform departments are full to bursting, with families taking tickets to be served like at deli-counters.

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