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Find chemistry with other singles – New Scientist Connect

Online dating with New Scientist Connect – “find chemistry with other singles here” – has just been launched to bring like-minded people together, according to today’s New Scientist newsletter.   “Whether you’re looking for love, or just to meet someone on the same wavelength, no matter where you are in the world,” the message continues, […]

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On Brunch and Brinner

It is the start of the university tem and the Blog and son are on the long drive west with a car full of electronics, physics text books and enough clean clothes for three months.   Exams start on Tuesday so we’ve had an end-year break of admirable studiousness. There has been a lot of […]

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Geeks versus Nerds – a Venn diagram

Geeks and nerds – I didn’t know there was any difference, but now I’ve been put straight on the matter. Thank you Jonny.   This will be of interest to petchem folk of a scientific or techie background, or those like myself who walk among them.   It seems that the distinctions hinge on the […]

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Weak hydrogen bonds produce materials stronger than steel

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering have discovered the key to silk’s pound-for-pound toughness, which exceeds that of steel, according to the journal Nature Materials and reported today in an article on Nanowork News, one of the Blog’s favourite morning reads.   The scientists found that an unusual […]

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