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Brad Pitt filming at Grangemouth petchem plant

Brad Pitt is filming at the Grangemouth petrochemical plant in Scotland, the Blog reads with disbelief in today’s Scotsman.   After bringing Glasgow to a halt last week, the film crew for the zombie film “World War Z” moved on 22 August to the industrial landscape of Grangemouth on the east coast of Scotland, on […]

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On feats of memory and Brad Pitt

Performing a one-hour monologue always strikes me as an impressive feat. Whether it is a comedy stand-up routine, a play, a political speech or a lecture, the Blog is always impressed with the feat of memory. Especially when it is a well-known text like a theatre classic, where the audience knows it well, so it […]

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KLM Dakota at Edinburgh airport

A surprisingly old KLM Dakota propeller plane was taking off from Edinburgh airport on Thursday morning as the Blog family was passing through.   Later the local paper revealed that the Dutch airline was celebrating 65 years of flying to Scotland. The airline’s chief operating officer said, in a stirring statement of Scottish solidarity, that […]

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edinburgh fringe festival.jpg

Bye for Now

    The Blog is in Edinburgh for the Festival and will be back refreshed.

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Ewan McGregor in sporran Burns Night.jpg

Scottish sporrans go plastic

In what may prove to be a turning point for the beleaguered Scottish plastics industry, EU MEPs in Strasbourg have voted to outlaw the traditional sealskin sporran, leaving a gaping commercial hole for manufacturers of synthetic sporrans to fill.   MEPs with clearly no sense of the 100 year-old tradition of wearing sealskin sporrans with […]

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Gleneagles hotel and golf course.jpg

Scottish golf event hard to resist

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–The Blog hears that some guests being invited to a petchems industry golfing event to be held at the prestigious Scottish course of Gleneagles this summer are reluctantly having to decline the invitation due to new more frugal policies on business travel and restrictions on accepting corporate hospitality.   However, some guests […]

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painting the Forth Bridge.jpg

Painting the Forth Bridge with epoxy

What could be more like painting the Forth Bridge than … painting the Forth Bridge? The endless task – once you’ve finished, you have to start again (like Camus’ Sisyphus) - has become a watchword for endless tasks everywhere.   Only now a special “glass flake epoxy” paint is being used which will provide a once-and-for-all […]

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