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Badende Hamburg Getty Images Yahoo Aug 2011.jpg

Plastic bather in Hamburg’s lake

Reclining in the waters of Hamburg‘s Binnenalster lake is this German sculpture “Die Badende” (the bather) made from expandable polystyrene (styrofoam) and steel, according to an article on Yahoo news today. It is a giant sculpture by artist Oliver Voss showing a woman’s head and knees, as if she was lying down in the water, […]

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sweet_crude democracy molodkin.jpg

Blood and oil – it’s all art

A Russian artist whose exhibits are made of oil and blood is opening in an exhibition in London later this month. Andrei Molodkin’s first British solo show, “Liquid Modernity (Grid and Greed)” has pieces pumped full of oil, but it is the blood which is drawing the most attention.  

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