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In praise of the travel smock

Themulti-pocketed travel smock which looked so ridiculous when Janos modelled itin the office, is now getting mainstream media attention. “I’mnot going through security with you,” I told him when he showed it to me. “Youlook like a suicide bomber.” NowI read that the luggage restrictions on no-frills airlines have led to cannypassengers wearing as much […]

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Travel nerves – living with the terrorist threat

Passing through Frankfurt airport recently, site of the recent terrorist attack on US troops where two were killed, we were more concerned with finding the exit for Deutsche Bahn (DB), than watching out for signs of danger. In fact it was considerably later that the thought even entered my head.   Living in London, and […]

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Berlin, Berlin and more Berlin

Heavy security at the Berlin airports on account of the terrorist alert caused some delays on arrival for delegates travelling to the ICIS Aromatics Conference, and the closure of the Reichstag on Monday prevented at least one attendee from completing a pre-conference tour.   Undeterred by the cold and the rain, delegates were able to […]

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Terrorist link to bottled water

Seeing a Baader-Meinhof terrorist entering court clutching a PET bottle, in a photo in today’s Independent, reminded the Blog that carrying a plastic bottle around all day has one key advantage: protection from malicious poisoning.   No doubt Ms Verena Becker, formerly of the Red Army Faction (which started as the Baader-Meinhof gang), chose to […]

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No more US green visa waiver forms

European travellers to the US no longer have to fill in the green visa waiver form – just the ESTA form online and the blue customs form on the plane. Apparently the green immigration form expired quietly in early July 2010.  It took the cabin crew some time to explain this to those of us […]

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Sunday Open House at ICIS

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Sunday afternoon at NPRA is when ICIS has its cocktail reception, nicely timed to be after the golf outings and before the official conference Welcome Reception. So the suite was full of subscribers, editorial contacts, ICIS staff, former staff, competitors, passers by, family members but without the usual Canadian guys in red sweatshirts from […]

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Going out without a mobile phone

Try travelling without a mobile phone, a watch or, worst still, jewellery. On the advice of friends and guide books concerned for my safety, I left them all behind for seeing the sights of Buenos Aires.   I did think of taking my fake Rolex but had left it too late to get a replacement […]

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Mumbai: eyewitness Mark Abell’s rescue from Oberoi

I heard this most moving interview with eyewitness Mark Abell just rescued from Mumbai’s Oberoi Trident hotel, on BBC Radio 4′s “Today” programme at 8.15 am this morning. The link is to a 10-minute clip: fast forward to Mr Abell at 06.21 minutes.   Click here for the latest Mumbai update on ICIS news.

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I thought I was going to get the rubber glove

It was one of those moments of irrational guilt (writes Simon Robinson). I hadn’t done anything wrong, but a man with an impressive moustache, and wearing a uniform, asked if I could follow him through a door marked private. If I’d been at one of East Berlin’s more broad minded clubs in the evening after […]

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