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The World’s Most Advanced Toilet

Lavatory humour being the lynchpin of British comedy, the Blog is entranced by this billboard advert spotted today on the highway to Shanghai Pudong airport: “Nu Mi – the World’s Most Advanced Toilet.”   After I wrote about the futuristic Toto toilets in Pudong airport last year, a colleague wrote from New York to say […]

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ICIS-CBI editorial team in Shanghai

Taking on a strongly Chinese flavour for the month of January, in the run up to the Lunar New Year, the Blog is still celebrating the joining together of ICIS and CBI in China.   I had a warm and welcoming week with the editorial team in Shanghai, working on our methodologies, information gathering and […]

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Take your partner on a business trip

The days of the spouses’ programme at conferences may be over, but chemical folk are not averse to taking a partner along on the occasional trip. Especially those whose children are past school-age.   The summer EPL meeting, usually in a warm location, is often the time to catch sight of these rare birds.   […]

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Culinary adventures in Shanghai

Aside from all the fantastic benefits of ICIS expanding its interest in CBI China – announced this week –  I hope that I will be able to spend more time with my clever, energetic and ever friendly colleagues in Shanghai, maybe even with the C1 editors in Guangzhou.   The culinary highlight of this trip […]

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Shanghai Waxing

This great billboard advert for waxing was up on a street in Shanghai last weekend, and the Blog had to have it.   The weekly ICIS Paraffin Wax report is a big seller and the leading benchmark for global wax pricing.  We know from recent discussions with our European readers that the market is getting […]

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Travel to China from London by train in 2 days

Can you imagine taking a two-day train ride from Shanghai to London? Or Singapore to London? What a fantastic trip that would be, and irresistible to all those European petchem travellers to the Asian business hubs. I just can’t wait.   My eye was caught by an inspirational map of the proposed high speed rail […]

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Sesame Street gets into Chemistry

Sesame Street characters are used to trick children into enjoying chemistry, in this video preview from the Magic Map Show at Expo 2010 Shanghai. Whatever it takes …  

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Shanghai 2010 World Expo showcases Acrylic Rod Seed Cathedral

Standing at the heart of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the UK pavilion, known as the Seed Cathedral is formed of 60,000 acrylic rods, each containing a seed. The pavilion creates an “alternative world bank.”   photo Huffington Post 

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Chemicals, football – everything moves East

Premiership football is an international business and an international language. As UK travellers know, even where English isn’t spoken, the names of our top players are known and exalted.   From waiters in Tehran to cab drivers in Shanghai, reciting the names of players along with appropriate hand gestures is what passes for declarations of […]

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Rabbit Building – Macau Pavilion

The Blog was sure that the proposed Macau Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, in the shape of a jade rabbit lantern, would be made of petrochemical materials, but it appears not. The “Rabbit Building” is made of a “glass membrane, wrapped in fluorescent screens … and constructed out of recycled materials.”

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