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Raising a wind turbine in Durban

A wind turbine, manufactured from polycarbonate and cited in last week’s Aromatics Conference as part of the petrochemical contribution to sustainable energy, is raised on a beach in a photo reminiscent of the iconic 1945 Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima photo.   Greenpeace activists and volunteers of TckTckTck, a Global Campaign for Climate Action, raise […]

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PHOTOS: ICIS training in Dubai and South Africa

ICIS Training has been all round the world this month. In the last two weeks, the trainers have been in South Africa and Dubai, and Roland has sent the Blog these photos today which give a bit of the flavour of the individual events. Photos: 1 and 2 Petchems Training in South Africa, 3 Baseoils Training […]

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Vuvuzela craze boosts plastics demand

The vuvuzela has boosted demand for plastics, and given retailers an unexpected sales boom, according to this article on Sky spotted by Lara.   The constant din at the World Cup games has maddened players and fans, but UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has sold 40,000 of the plastic trumpets at £2 each.   For the pitiful […]

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Sony’s Join the Team football made from Arkema elastomer

Sony is using one of Arkema’s patented elastomers to make extra durable footballs that will be given to African children during the World Cup.   The football is called “Join the Team!”   “The Arkema press release says that the new football has a double barrier, with one made of Pebax Rnew, which makes it 1.6 […]

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Top Creative Billboard Adverts

Two energy-related adverts were in this listing of The 13 Most Creative and Interesting Billboard Adverts on Monday. The first is a gasoline truck being filled up with Maker’s Mark whisky. The second is for Eskom in South Africa, asking consumers to conserve the country’s short supply of electricity.    photos: Streetlevel.com

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PET bottles make Nike’s World Cup shirts

The world’s star footballers at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa will be wearing shirts made of recycled PET.   Nike said on Thursday that nine teams including Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal would be wearing shirts made from recycled polyester from a Taiwanese supplier.   Each shirt would use up to eight plastic bottles, […]

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Saracens fan wins £250k for crossbar kick

A rugby fan won himself £250,000 by kicking a ball from 30 metres directly onto the crossbar at the Saracens vs South Africa match on Tuesday.   Saracens fan Stuart Tinner won the giant cheque in the half-time kicking competition, and the video link has been circulating around the chemical publishing industry today, bringing joy […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 7 – Sasol rugby

Ladies, sit down to watch this one. It’s a stirring advert for the British and Irish Lions June 2009 rugby tour of South Africa, showing the Sasol-sponsored team shirts of the home team off to full advantage.    

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South Africans joke through power cuts

What’s the difference between the Titanic and South Africa?

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