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Henkel files suit against Formula One team Brawn GP

German adhesives and soap maker Henkel filed suit last month against Formula One team Brawn GP over an incident in which a former employee signed a €90 million ($132 million) Formula One sponsoring contract without authorisation, according to this article on Reuters today.   Henkel rejected on Monday any responsibility for the sponsoring contract, having […]

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Yankees win – ugh!

Picture his despair when Joe Chang, a die-hard New York Mets fan – who did NOT want to see the New York Yankees win the World Series – got to his desk the morning following their triumph to find it covered in Yankees logos.   His mournful cry of “Noooo!!!” chilled the bones of all […]

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On golf, chemicals and salad

The Blog has often mused on why golf is the sport du moment of the petrochemical industry. Why not football? Why not tennis? Why not flower-arranging?   Football had its brief moment in the spotlight after some eager 5-a-side games at EPL and the infamous annual APLA national team championship where players’ nationalities can be […]

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Coming soon: parties, sport, art, kids, ponies

That’s all for today folks. Coming soon: “I get no kicks from champagne” – The parties of EPCA: who said what, what they wore (photo special with guest commentary from Hairdressers’ Journal), the year’s winners and losers. Sports and chemicals – Are Darts the new Golf ? Petrochemicals and the visual arts – Who’s collecting […]

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