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The thrill of travelling light

I am on a transatlantic flight the dayafter the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. I pass athletes from Brazil in the departures lounge, and awheelchair athlete for Team USAis boarding my flight just ahead of me. It has been a wonderful summer ofwatching the Olympics and Paralympics, and no-one wants it to be over. On […]

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Hi-tech sledges from Porsche

As moresnow is forecast for the coming week, sales of ultra-modern, super-fast sledgesare going through the roof, according to an article in the Times. “Peopledon’t just want to sit on sledges and go down the mountain any more, they wantto go incredibly fast and do different things,” says Keith Handy of Bobskis,manufacturers of hi-tech sledges. […]

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What’s in a name – Havingotascoobydo?

While on the subject of horse-racing, the Blog is struck once again by the ridiculous names of these beautiful creatures.   The conventions of naming thoroughbred horses are a mystery to the Blog, but it is painful to see gorgeous sleek expensive horses with undignified names.   What were they thinking of, the owners of […]

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Quote of the week: “I couldn’t train ivy up a wall”

Watching horse-racing with my mother on Saturday, I heard a great quote which I was sure our trainers at ICIS training would love.   “Two weeks ago I felt I couldn’t train ivy up a wall,” said racehorse trainer Venetia Williams, who was the trainer of the winning horse Ciceron in the 3.45 at Sandown […]

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First ICIS Decathlon champ crowned

Joe Chang in ICIS New York has won the first ever ICIS Decathlon and writes this characteristically modest account …   Two years, one pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, bruised egos, and countless regrets culminating in one spectacular bar fight, has finally resulted in a winner in the 1st ICIS Decathlon.   In a dizzying […]

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The Total racing car at London Heathrow

The Formula One Lotus Renault GP and Total racing car, as seen at the Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia and the Monaco Grand Prix, is sitting in the middle of the concourse in Heathrow Terminal 5, the Blog discovered while passing through check-in.   In addition to the car, there are two racing simulators […]

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The business traveller’s workout

The idea of using suitcases as props for an airport workout is anathema to this Blog. Committed to the concept of travelling light and getting to a comfortable chair as quickly as possible, the Blog is appalled to read about:   The gorilla press – lifting a suitcase with both hands over your head then […]

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The Blog celebrates 3 triumphant years

It’s 24 September and you know what that means. Happy 3rd Birthday to the Blog!   I can hardly believe I’ve got away with it this long.   That’s a total of 976 postings.   If I had devoted that much early morning time to something useful like learning Mandarin or getting a flat stomach, I’d […]

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Luol Deng in Southern Sudan

Luol Deng, basketball superstar, returned to the town in oil-rich Southern Sudan where he was born, I heard in a moving BBC Radio 4 documentary during the holidays.   It was the moving story of his family’s escape from the civil war in Sudan, to his childhood in the UK, and his basketball career in […]

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Japanese golf hits the rough

Petchem golfers take heed. Golf is still on the rise in the impressively developing economies of China and Vietnam, but in Japan it is most definitely in decline, since it hit a peak in the 1980s and 1990s.   The Nikkei has stopped publishing its monthly Nikkei Golf Index, tracking the average prices of golf […]

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