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INEOS’s Gordon Adams on charity bike ride

Gordon Adams of INEOS is currently gearing up for a 1,000 mile cycle ride from the southernmost tip of England to the northernmost tip of Scotland to raise money for Cancer Research.   Adams, business manager butadiene and C4s at INEOS, is pictured here in the yellow top with his friend Rob, also taking part […]

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Chemical Brothers at Wimbledon

Chemicals are everywhere, even on the manicured English tennis lawns of Wimbledon.   A letter in the Times today spotted  by James pointed out the coincidence of chemical elements from the periodic table featuring in the names of Chinese tennis players.   Sir, Chemists among the tennis fans will not have failed to notice the names […]

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Vuvuzela craze boosts plastics demand

The vuvuzela has boosted demand for plastics, and given retailers an unexpected sales boom, according to this article on Sky spotted by Lara.   The constant din at the World Cup games has maddened players and fans, but UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has sold 40,000 of the plastic trumpets at £2 each.   For the pitiful […]

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Ping Pong Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury is one of the worst films the Blog has ever seen. Like every other sports-themed film it’s about a past champion gone to seed who makes a miraculous return to form.   It’s a slapstick comedy only it’s not funny and it’s way too long, which is a pity because table tennis […]

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London Marathon Showcases Chemical Fashion

Julia Meehan of ICIS London took part in the London Marathon, and survived to write a chemical-related article for ICB. Here the Blog brings you an abridged version… To wear and what not to wear is a fashion dilemma faced by most modern working women, but in my wildest dreams I did not imagine that […]

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Chemical companies sponsor Essential2Life race

The Chemistry Council of New Jersey and American Chemistry Council Members sponsor the 4th annual essential2®life 5km race in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA on 10 April 2010. The race is presented by regional member companies of the ACC and the Chemistry Council of New Jersey, to benefit the American Red Cross […]

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PET bottles make Nike’s World Cup shirts

The world’s star footballers at this summer’s World Cup in South Africa will be wearing shirts made of recycled PET.   Nike said on Thursday that nine teams including Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal would be wearing shirts made from recycled polyester from a Taiwanese supplier.   Each shirt would use up to eight plastic bottles, […]

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Winter Olympics showcase futuristic goggles

Competitors in Vancouver‘s Winter Olympics have been displaying state of the art goggles which show speed, timings and store data for future analysis. The lightweight plastic Transcend goggles “can save a full day’s ski or snowboard runs into PC software that plots route and performance information through every twist, turn or slalom gate,” according to […]

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Saracens fan wins £250k for crossbar kick

A rugby fan won himself £250,000 by kicking a ball from 30 metres directly onto the crossbar at the Saracens vs South Africa match on Tuesday.   Saracens fan Stuart Tinner won the giant cheque in the half-time kicking competition, and the video link has been circulating around the chemical publishing industry today, bringing joy […]

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Go-faster polyurethane swimsuits break records and flatten paunches

Polyurethane swimsuits are again causing an uproar in the international world of swimming. The 50,000 members of U.S. Masters Swimming are divided over the neck-to-ankle polymer suits, and some members of the association are accusing their fellows of unfair propulsion and are pushing for a ban.   This follows the decision in July by the […]

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