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Elizabeth Tweddle of Great Britain during her Gold Medal winning routine in the Women

Beth Tweddle – gymnastic champion with chemicals connections

Beth Tweddle, new world champion in the gymnastic floor exercises was being interviewed on the radio as I drove in this morning, and very charming she was, but I didn’t realise how closely she was connected to the world of petrochemicals.   Now my North of England Chemicals correspondent Judith tells me that Beth lives […]

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alonso British Grand Prix 2009 IMG_5896.JPG

Chemicals in Formula One racing

The Blog traded free tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Max Kingsley Jones, editor of  Commercial Aviation, in return for this posting on chemicals in Formula One racing …   It may be a surprise to hear that among the many varied roles found within a Formula 1 Grand Prix racing team, there […]

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photo Adidas helge_meeuw_1.jpg

Polyurethane swimsuit scandal

Controversial polyurethane bodysuits, which helped win 34 world records so far at the Swimming World Championships in Rome, will be illegal from next April or May.   The slinky 100% polyurethane swimsuits, such as the Jaked01, Arena X-glide and Adidas Hydrofoil are more buoyant, stronger and lessen water resistance for the swimmers.   Michael Phelps […]

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3692873661_5d5239fd04 JonBauer flickr Monterey Repsol.jpg

Biking with Repsol in California

You can’t get away from chemicals on holiday – the US Grand Prix in Monterey, California was where ICIS aromatics editor Madelon ten Cate found herself during her tour of the US West Coast in July, surrounded by the paraphernalia of the sponsor, Spanish oil and chemicals major Repsol.   The Laguna Seca circuit was […]

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Barbie foosball.jpg

Barbie foosball table

The Blog’s favourite petrochemical toy is of course Lego. Look how it responds to the events of the day, with the Barack Obama Inauguration Lego and now various Michael Jackson tribute Lego videos.   However, Barbie is another top-runner for best petrochemical toy. She’s plastic, pretty, she doesn’t hurt so much when you tread on her with bare […]

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Wimbledon Andy Murray Centre Court 29 June 2009 Rex.jpg

First outing for new fluoropolymer Wimbledon roof

At last the new roof on Centre Court, Wimbledon, was rolled out on Monday evening, and in all the fuss about the roof and of course the first tennis match beneath it, and the lateness of the hour, was anyone interested in what it was made of?   According to its designers, Populous, the retractable roof is made of […]

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boxing 3.jpg

The Blog goes Boxing

When I told my colleagues I was going to a boxing match last week they were incredulous.   “So you like watching sweaty men beating each other to a pulp,” said one.   “You’re turning into a boy,” said another friend.   As it turned out, the charity boxing black tie dinner was mostly about […]

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Harlequins Leinster Mike Brown.jpg

Taking One For The Team

How insidious sporting metaphors are as they sneak unremarked into our corporate-speak.   “Team spirit,” “pulling together,” “weaker players,” “extra coaching” and the currently popular “taking one for the team”.   Sitting in the west stand at the Stoop watching Harlequins vs Leinster in the quarter-final of the rugby European Cup on Sunday, I observed […]

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