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You can always rely on an air hostess

Itturns out that one of my colleagues is a trained flight attendant. She knowshow to deliver a baby, deal with drunks and passengers with flight-phobia, aswell as smile all day and put her hair up neatly. Iwas on the same flight with her only once, when we flew into Berlin together for EPCA, and her […]

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The business traveller’s workout

The idea of using suitcases as props for an airport workout is anathema to this Blog. Committed to the concept of travelling light and getting to a comfortable chair as quickly as possible, the Blog is appalled to read about:   The gorilla press – lifting a suitcase with both hands over your head then […]

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Big suitcases and guns – more business travel costs

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough for UK petchem travellers to decide what to pack for NPRA in San Antonio next week. By the time they’ve packed businesswear, business casual, ties, mandarin collar jackets, warm weather clothes and wet weather clothes, they’ll be needing a monster suitcase. So now imagine my horror on reading this warning from […]

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