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“Pearl of the Danube” – Beauty Contest in Budapest

The ICIS team in Budapest for EPCA were astonished to walk into the middle of the “Pearl of the Danube” beauty pageant in the lobby of their conference hotel on Sunday night.   Will Beacham, deputy editor of ICB, took some amazing photos at the President Hotel of the pageant, which had originally been mistaken […]

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Go-faster polyurethane swimsuits break records and flatten paunches

Polyurethane swimsuits are again causing an uproar in the international world of swimming. The 50,000 members of U.S. Masters Swimming are divided over the neck-to-ankle polymer suits, and some members of the association are accusing their fellows of unfair propulsion and are pushing for a ban.   This follows the decision in July by the […]

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Polyurethane swimsuit scandal

Controversial polyurethane bodysuits, which helped win 34 world records so far at the Swimming World Championships in Rome, will be illegal from next April or May.   The slinky 100% polyurethane swimsuits, such as the Jaked01, Arena X-glide and Adidas Hydrofoil are more buoyant, stronger and lessen water resistance for the swimmers.   Michael Phelps […]

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Spandex to the aid of real-life Superheroes

Real-life superheroesclad in skintight spandex costumes are running amok in the streets of US cities,according to this article in the Times. The World Superhero Registry lists morethan 200 of them, who patrol the urban streets dressed up in outfits of spandex(the generic term, invented by DuPont in 1959, of which the most well-knownbrand is Invista’s […]

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