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French thriller Spiral – lessons for corporate life

The French TV crime series “Engrenages” (Spiral), now coming to a nail-biting close on UK TV, is a graphic display of all the kinds of dysfunctional behaviour which are expressly forbidden in any sane company’s Code of Conduct.   Setting aside all the obvious differences between French crime-fighting and everyday corporate life as we know […]

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American Idol fans at BASF back Suddeth

Lauren Alaina Suddeth, daughter of a BASF worker in Chattanooga, is a finalist and judges’ front runner to win American Idol and is being supported by the local BASF workforce, according to this article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, which Nel spotted and suggested for a new blog series called “Tenuous Links to Chemicals.” […]

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Oil drama Dallas makes comeback

The oil industry’s flagship TV drama series, Dallas, is set to return with a revived cast including Larry Hagman (79) from the original 1970s series.   Since the Blog never followed the original TV soap opera – but does remember the suspense of “Who killed JR?” – it is at a loss to understand why […]

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All Our Working Lives

Our own Nigel Davis, chemical insight editor at ICIS, is credited as an advisor on BBC4′s documentary series, All Our Working Lives, which examines the economic and industrial transformation that Britain has undergone since the early Eighties.   The chemical industry episode from the original series (1984) has been updated, with Nigel’s help, with a […]

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Sherlock Holmes and the Dalian Exchange

Did anyone spot the petchem link in the brilliant new 21st-century Sherlock on BBC TV? Wasn’t it obvious?   In the second of three episodes, “The Blind Banker,” Sherlock Holmes is investigating the murder of a bank trader who has recently returned from two round-the-world trips via Dalian, home of the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), […]

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Top Chemical Adverts #11 BASF Chemistry

Chemistry creates good relationships among people, according to this new TV advert from BASF. Watch out for the cute wriggling sushi.  

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Australian Satire on Oil Spill

A comedy sketch of a politician being interviewed about an oil spill is going around on Thursday. It’s from an Australian satirical TV show in 2007. It’s a bit too long for my taste, but still pretty funny.  

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Barbie in a Mad Men World

Barbie has long been a favourite Blog petrochemical toy. Now Mattel has announced that it will release a new set of Mad Men Barbie Collector dolls in July, immortalizing in plastic the gorgeous and stylish characters of Don and Betty Draper, Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway, according to an article in the New York Times. […]

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