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Pointy boots poised to stamp into Texas

A fashion craze for extra-pointy cowboy boots is sweeping Mexico and picking up a lot of press coverage in the US and Europe. Apparently the men’s pointy boots are great for dancing in, and make the wearers popular with the girls.   The Blog is asking all Houston readers to be on the alert for […]

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New places to go in San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas where it’s a hair-curling 32 deg C at 7pm on Friday evening and the Riverwalk is busier than a mainline London train station at rush hour.   The NPRA banners are flying side by side with the NCAA basketball banners on the street lamp posts.   Ignatio S was here […]

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Designated driver on the road to San Antonio

How can it have happened that I am the designated driver for the road trip from Houston to San Antonio for NPRA?   I’ve always managed to cadge a lift (ride) before, but this time I have been out-manoeuvred.   This is bad news for all concerned because: I don’t like driving on the other […]

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Oil drama Dallas makes comeback

The oil industry’s flagship TV drama series, Dallas, is set to return with a revived cast including Larry Hagman (79) from the original 1970s series.   Since the Blog never followed the original TV soap opera – but does remember the suspense of “Who killed JR?” – it is at a loss to understand why […]

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NPRA 2011 – 2,460 signed up

The annual NPRA IPC conference in San Antonio this year has already signed up over 2,460 delegates, according to a delegate list seen this week. The International Petrochemical Conference (IPC) will take place at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio on 27-29 March 2011. Last year’s conference had between 2,400 and 2,500 delegates. Delegates registered by […]

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More San Antonio restaurant advice

The Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in San Antonio came to a close on Tuesday, and as he returned to Europe a delegate writes to the Blog with more top tips for next year’s NPRA …   “If you’re still reviewing restaurants for San Antonio, try Bohanan’s, 219 E Houston St.   Very good indeed. The owner […]

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Dallas Cowboys and Southwestern Fertilizers

What’s the connection between the Dallas Cowboys American football team and fertilizers? It sounds like the beginning of an off-colour joke, but no. Our own Carl Roache has spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, and sends this picture to the Blog to show that the conference delegates are not the […]

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PHOTOS: ICIS suite at NPRA on Sunday

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Heather Doyle of ICIS Houston not only carried her camera around at NPRA like the rest of us, but also had the presence of mind to take some photos in the ICIS suite. Here she shares some pics of the Sunday ICIS cocktail reception at NPRA. 1 Heather with industry contact Luther 2 Stephen and […]

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PHOTOS: NPRA 2010 in colour

1 ICIS staff hard at work filing news on Sunday morning at NPRA 2010. 2 Welcome Party on Sunday evening at NPRA: (left to right: Heather, William, Ryan, Truong, Nel.)

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Shiner Happy People

The leading lights from the European chapter of ICIS news – Lewis, Nigel, Graeme – took to the road to drive from Houston to San Antonio on Saturday afternoon.   Says Lewis: “On our journey from Houston to San Antonio we made the difficult to decision to drive a few extra miles to the Spoetzl […]

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