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The Lego Printer

It’s a working Mac printer made out of a felt tip pen and some Lego men, and it’s taking the social media world by storm.   Lego, long celebrated by the Blog as the perfect petrochemical toy, is once again in the spotlight, as the printer taps out the words “Hello World” and draws a […]

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Fake Superhero Plastic Toys

Pity the poor children whose mums and dads return from their business trips to China with these fake superhero plastic toys. It’s one thing to bring back fake designer handbags, Rolexes and Mont Blanc pens, but what child is going to be taken in by SPADERMAN? Or SPECIALMAN? Or ROBERTCOP 3?   Customs officers in […]

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Barbie in a Mad Men World

Barbie has long been a favourite Blog petrochemical toy. Now Mattel has announced that it will release a new set of Mad Men Barbie Collector dolls in July, immortalizing in plastic the gorgeous and stylish characters of Don and Betty Draper, Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway, according to an article in the New York Times. […]

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Get yourself a Lego Blackberry

The idea of a Lego Blackberry somehow symbolises the petrochemical trading life, combining both the perfect petrochemical toy and the industry’s preferred means of communication.   Now Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been commissioned to produce a replica of RIM’s Blackberry Tour. It was a challenge to build one with a screen that really worked, […]

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Freebies – come and get’em

Chemical conference-goers are always partial to a free gift or two. The ICIS suite at EPCA is piled high as usual with small toys and executive gizmos bearing the ICIS logo, and suitably sized to be easily stuffed into a conference delegate bag. I’m very impressed with this year’s tastefully discreet ICIS passport covers, which […]

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Solve the housing crisis and boost jobs with Lego

Lego, the ultimate petrochemical toy, is enjoying unprecedented success and this week recorded a two-thirds rise in pre-tax profits worldwide and a 35% jump in UK sales, aided no doubt by constant plugs in the Blog.   Now the popular coloured plastic toy is being hailed as the cure for every country’s housing shortage, in […]

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Living in a Lego house

Knowing the Blog’s long-standing fascination with Lego, the ultimate petrochemical toy (and a loyal customer of ICIS), my friend Lara has sent me this article about one celebrity’s intention to build a full-size house out of Lego and live in it for two days.   James May, co-presenter of motoring TV programme “Top Gear”, is […]

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Barbie foosball table

The Blog’s favourite petrochemical toy is of course Lego. Look how it responds to the events of the day, with the Barack Obama Inauguration Lego and now various Michael Jackson tribute Lego videos.   However, Barbie is another top-runner for best petrochemical toy. She’s plastic, pretty, she doesn’t hurt so much when you tread on her with bare […]

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Plastic toys relocate from China to UK

a plastic toy manufacturer has reloacted his production from China to the UK. Although the costs were three times less in China, the advantages of logistics and image outweighed this.

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