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TRADER MOVES: Patrick Aulbers sets up Aulbers Chemicals

Patrick Aulbers has set up a new chemical trading venture, Aulbers Chemicals BV, he announced on Wednesday.   The new company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and will be trading acrylonitrile and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM).   Aulbers was formerly owner/managing director/trader at Joss Chemicals.

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TRADER MOVES: David Corthorn to Accenture, Australia

David Corthorn has moved to a new position as Senior Manager – Commodity Trading & Risk Management Services at Accenture, based in Sydney, Australia, he announced on Thursday.   Corthorn was previously with RBS Sempra Commodities in London, although the Blog originally came across him at BP.   He has kindly emailed me this link […]

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Books: Wolf Hall – It’s all about the money

“Wolf Hall,” winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize, is the book that everyone is reading on the beach this year, according to “I-Spy for Adults” in the Times.   I borrowed it and read it in the Devon garden of our house swap friends in between bouts of summer rain.   Set in the […]

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The Art of Trader Speak

Understanding trader-speak is an art. My fellow blogger, Paul Hodges has written an insightful explanation of some classic trader expressions on his blog.   To these, the ICIS aromatics reporting team can add the following:   “I haven’t done anything in the market this week, but I heard this low deal done.” = Please move […]

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MOVES – Kilkeary and Jones of Blue Ocean set up in Houston

Kevin Kilkeary and Alan Jones of Blue Ocean Brokerage have opened an office in Houston, my colleague Ryan Hickman wrote in this article on 14 July in ICIS news.   They began brokering US Gulf aromatics, gasoline components and naphtha from Houston on 19 July, they told him.

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Traders chopped at JP Morgan and MF Global

Energy trading jobs at JP Morgan in London will be axed, following the takeover of Sempra Commodities’ European energy business, according to this article in the Evening Standard.   The news came at the same time as eight out of nine oil swaps brokers resigned from MF Global, after its new chief executive Jon Corzine […]

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Drunk oil trader joins Starsupply

The drunken oil trader who lost his employer $10 million in a binge of unauthorized trading (see original ICIS news article) was back in the news this week as he had his day in court. Steve Perkins, formerly of PVM Oil Futures, was fined £72,000 by the Financial Services Authority, but what caught the Blog’s […]

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John Mitchell joins Avestra

John Mitchell, formerly of LyondellBasell, has joined traders Avestra Chemical Suisse SA from 1 July 2010, the company announced on Friday. Mitchell will be trading aromatics in the Swiss office in Lausanne. He previously was product manager with responsibility for styrene and benzene at LyondellBasell in Rotterdam.

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Roosmarijn Vandeputte joins Hazel

Roosmarijn Vandeputte, formerly of Oxyde then Noble, has joined trader and distributor Hazel Mercantile Limited. She set up HML Europe BV in April in Amsterdam, she tells me at APIC. Her card shows her title as Director of HML.

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Petrochem Middle East interview at APIC 2010

I’ve just read Mahua’s article on the growth prospects for aromatics in the Middle East and India, together with this upbeat video clip.   “The happy story [about the Middle East] is that volumes are growing, margins are healthy,” said Yogesh Mehta, managing director of distribution company Petrochem, referring to the start up of new […]

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