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Heathrow pod Personal Rapid Transit System

Driving home from the airport around the Heathrow perimeter road, I caught sight of these little pods ferrying people around the Terminal 5 long-stay carparks.   As a London resident, I don’t have much call to frequent the long-stay carparks, which is a pity because these four-seater pods look like an ideal alternative to the […]

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Live webcam of capsized Rhine barge

  The capsized barge on the Rhine at St Goarshausen, which has featured in many petchem conversations in the last two weeks, is now shown on live webcam.   The Blog’s first school trip to Germany was to St Goar at just this point on the Rhine, by the famous Lorelei rock where the Lorelei […]

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By taxi to ICB in New York

My fellow ICIS blogger Simon Robinson has just returned from a week in the ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) office in New York, and is feeling that he has a lot to get off his chest. Here is a heavily expurgated version of his experiences with New York taxi cabs …   Being yellow on the […]

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Travel to China from London by train in 2 days

Can you imagine taking a two-day train ride from Shanghai to London? Or Singapore to London? What a fantastic trip that would be, and irresistible to all those European petchem travellers to the Asian business hubs. I just can’t wait.   My eye was caught by an inspirational map of the proposed high speed rail […]

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On Afghan taxi drivers

Even taxi firms have CRM systems now, I am impressed to find when I have to call my number two local firm because my usual one can’t oblige. They have caller ID, call me by name, remember my address and when I get into the car, the driver asks if I would like to listen […]

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Adventures in a Wheelchair

Taking advantage of a few days in the sun by the sea, Blog Senior and I have been trying out a wheelchair.   It’s a whole new experience, because pushing a baby or toddler, even two in a double buggy as I used to, is nothing compared to a full-grown adult.   Pushing a wheelchair […]

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Den Hartogh road movie

“Come sunshine, snow or rain – the wheels keep rolling on forever.”   It’s a road movie celebrating the nobility of the long-distance chemical trucker and the 90th birthday of Den Hartogh Logistics, complete with heart-tugging vocals.   “To experience the ultimate emotion, we recommend listening to the song and music,” says the email today […]

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New hydrogen London black cabs

A fleet of London‘s black cabs powered by hydrogen is going to be on the road in time for the 2012 Olympics. A demonstration hydrogen fuel cell taxi was launched on Monday at City Hall.   The cabs can operate for a day without refuelling, and will use six specialist hydrogen filling stations which are planned […]

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T25 supermini car made from recycled plastic bottles

Clive was pushing his baby daughter past the vegetable counter when I bumped into him at the weekend. I didn’t know he’d had a baby. “Yes,” he said. “The baby was born in the car on the way to Kingston hospital. It was in the local papers.” Clive used to work at ICIS, and we […]

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