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Great Carpets of the Chemical Conferences

When it comes to spectacular conference carpets, the golden swirls on the ballroom floor at the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai for GPCA are now considered the most splendid of all.   Surpassing even the lastingly popular psychedelic carpet of the ICIS suite in the Marriott, San Antonio at NPRA.  

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My Blackberry is not working

Ronnie Corbett is funny in this sketch in a greengrocer’s about his Blackberry and his Apple, and you’ll have a good groan at the gag at the end. Thanks to Julia for spotting this clip from the ”The One Ronnie Xmas Special.”   

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Return of the Duracell Bunny

  The Duracell Bunny is back on TV screens, and the Blog is delighted to celebrate the return of this iconic energy-related advert (put the sound on.)  According to Duracell, the “NEW Power Bunny … has the same engaging personality, but is represented in a “herd of bunnies” coming together to form metaphors of power and […]

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Happy New Year 2010 – Be Something Fantastic

Wishing a Happy New Year to all faithful Blog readers – as we eagerly switch on our screens for this first working day of the first working week of 2010.   In anticipation of a year of abundant petrochemical gossip and trivia, how better to start the day than by downloading some inspirational wallpaper or […]

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Goodbye to Berlin

It’s Tuesday midday and the ICIS suite is as empty as a hollow gourd. In writing the final word on the EPCA 2009 conference in Berlin, the Blog will be careful to avoid all mention of the usual Top 10 parties, after a friend hinted that it aroused jealousy and ire amongst wives and stay-at-home colleagues, […]

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Shower radios worst household gadget

There’s a lot of plastic in this shower radio, but nonetheless it has still been voted the worst household gadget. Worse even than the fondue set and electric fluff remover.   The survey was conducted among 3,000 women by the insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels, according to this article in the Daily Mail.   Other Top 10 […]

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The Blog is 2 Years Old

The ICIS Chemicals Confidential blog is two years old today. Like many difficult toddlers hitting the Terrible Twos, it is now moving into the difficult phase for blogs, where many just give up.   So many links to postings on other sites lead to defunct blogs, where the blogger just ran out of enthusiasm after […]

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The Blog celebrates its first birthday – a year of chemicals gossip

The ICIS Chemicals Confidential blog is today celebrating its first birthday. Born in the maelstrom of the Reed Charity Blogathon on 24 September 2007, it has grown unexpectedly strong and bonny, boasting 257 postings over the course of its first year.
The Google Analytics map shows that it is now read in 77 countries and 917 cities, and although it seems only natural that there should be a healthy global appetite for chemicals gossip and in-jokes, I have to wonder what my loyal readers in Macao and Ghana, amongst others, make of the day-to-day ramblings about business travel (45 entries), trivia (49), gossip (51), fashion (18) and parties (10).

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Oil and chemical-themed cocktails

Gosling’s Black Seal 80 proof Bermuda Black Rum is black and sticky, the base of Bermuda’s own Dark and Stormy cocktail, and comes top in today’s Blog “Drink which looks most like Oil” competition. Also high on the list must be the Black Russian, not only oil-like in colour but also geographically correct.

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Welcome to the big charity Blogathon – Chemicals Confidential

Welcome to the first Chemicals Confidential blog, on the RBI Charity Blogathon today, Monday 24 September 2007. Reed has generously promised to donate £50 to charity for every blogger, and extra for every hit on the blog http://www.icis.com/blogs/icis-chemicals-confidential/ and every comment you post here today, so go ahead and make a comment – it’s all […]

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