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Comments are a private matter

Friendly or informative comments on the Bloghave always been welcome, so it is a matter of some disappointment that thecommenting function on the ICIS blogs has been switched off. It seems that theservers were being swamped with spam. If you would like to post a comment on aposting, you can take the alternative route and […]

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iPads versus iPhones (Michael Jackson spoof)

  Traders with their new iPads are everywhere. My first sighting of the petchem trader/iPad combo was at APIC in May.   “It’s a life changer,” another trader tells me this week. Right.   Now that iPhones are commonplace, iPads are still rare enough to have the cool edge.   This video is going round […]

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Hugo Chavez tweets about Venezuelan gas platform collapse

The collapse of a natural gas platform in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela was immediately announced by President Hugo Chavez on Twitter.   Despite having previously badmouthed Twitter as a terrorist threat, and having called for more state control over the internet, Chavez has now recruited a team of 200 aides to […]

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Twittering at NPRA

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Chris F yammers from London to say that following the Twitter feed from NPRA is “almost as good as being there, and without the psychedelic carpet.”   The one-liners with the NPRA “hashtag” are supposed to be ephemeral and disappear within a day but, for a brief period only, you can click through to all […]

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BA strike fears sweep UK petchem folk

The planned British Airways strike at the end of March is galvanising UK petchem folk into booking up alternative flights to and from NPRA. With the strike set for 20-22 March and 27-30 March (inclusive), it couldn’t be worse timing for conference-goers planning to get from London Heathrow to Houston on their way to NPRA’s IPC […]

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“Lycra louts” targeted by Westminster Council

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that a new hate figure was being vilified in the UK national press today: the “Lycra lout”.   No doubt a close relative of the “lager lout”, the badly behaving Lycra-clad city cyclist now enters the demonology of our times.   London’s Westminster Council will be targeting […]

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Things A Chemist Won’t Work With – Thioacetone

It seems that there are things that even a chemist won’t work with. The Blog was intrigued to be sent this blog posting which describes one chemist’s experiences of Thioacetone, a compound which has a smell so strong that it has “people … diving out of windows and vomiting into wastebaskets.”   “It merely stinks. But […]

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Twittering executives are making a complete hash of it – Kellaway

Twitter may be “potentially the best communication tool there is; the trouble is that most executives are making a complete hash of using it,” says Lucy Kellaway in today’s Financial Times.   “Either they fill it with mundane personal detail, or they fill it with mundane professional detail … The first scores higher on embarrassment; […]

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Live Twitter from NPRA Todd Buchholz speech

I’ve been on Twitter for about two weeks and it still seems like a lot of fun, but now I see the early adopters are already jumping ship for the Next Big Thing. There’s an email in the Blog inbox inviting me to join a Yammer group, when I’ve hardly grasped any of the fancier […]

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Inside Today

My fellow blogger Adam Tinworth has tracked down this viral video from BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme, which has gone out round the world today on Twitter. As you will see pretty quickly, it’s a spoof.    

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