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PET bottles banned on Aussie university campus

PET bottles are banned from sale on the campus of Australia‘s University of Canberra (UC), according to this article spotted by Nigel in today’s Plastics News.   He was rather taken by the striking headline: “Strewth Bruce! Aussie university bans PET bottles,” which was a cunning pun on the fact that the UC is in […]

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Plastic water bottle Bobble selling like hot cakes

No sooner had the Blog finished cackling at the idea that there might be something green about buying bottled water, than another environmentally-friendly water-related plastics marketing genius hits the headlines.   The makers of Bobble – a reusable bottle – claim it can filter tap water to a purity that rivals mineral water. It has been launched in […]

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EPCA Budapest speakers announced

The speakers at EPCA have been announced. In a short fast-paced session on Monday 4 October, the speeches and panel discussion will start at 08.00 and be over by 09.30, giving delegates plenty of time to get on with networking and their own private meetings.   The morning business session will include: Jeremy Bentham, Vice […]

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The French shun bottled water

As the anti bottled-water movement grows more vociferous in Europe and the US, there are signs that even the French are moving away from their dependency on Badoit, Evian and Vittel. More than two thirds of French people now regularly drink tap water compared with 59% five years ago, according to an article in the Times.

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