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VIDEO: Houston storm – flooding outside ICIS office

Here’s 45 seconds of video from the mini-flood in Houston on the morning of Monday 9 January, taken by our own Stephen Burns.   “It’s now mostly drained away but (it was) fun while it lasted,” he added.

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Snowpocalypse – Weatherman’s Frenzy

ICIS news has been covering the snow in the US northeast and its impact on the petchem business, with articles such as “Chem traffic freezes as snow clogs roads in eastern US.”   Industry folk have mostly just taken it in their stride, delaying trips or working from home. Now a US colleague has sent this link […]

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paul hodges and sledge 9 Jan2010.jpg

Chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow

Having sat in traffic for two-and-a-half hours due to heavy snow in London this morning, I am happy to see photos of my fellow chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow, no doubt over the weekend.   Paul Hodges of the “Chemicals and the Economy” Blog toboganning on Hampstead Heath, and click here for Will Beacham of “Looking […]

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snowy Sutton 7 Jan 2010 adam tinworth.jpg

PHOTO: Snowy ICIS London offices

As ICIS reporters living on the outskirts of snowy London discover the delights of teleworking, here is a nice sunny photo of the Winter Wonderland around the ICIS offices taken yesterday by my fellow blogger Adam Tinworth.

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houston snow 2.jpg

Snow in Houston

Amazing news – it’s snowing in Houston.   “Something must have exploded somewhere,” said a confused Houston editor. “It doesn’t snow here.”   (photo: Landon Feller, ICIS Houston, Friday 4 December – view from the ICIS office window.)   More snow photos from the Houston Chronicle. 

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Dubai jokes

Dubai is a popular destination for western petrochemical people who want to visit the Middle East but stay within their comfort zone.   It is often referred to as Middle East-lite, in the same way that Singapore is Asia-lite, Capetown is Africa-lite and Buenos Aires is South America-lite.   The Dubai debt crisis is unlikely […]

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English bulldog Grace in Bluebonnets, Texas.jpg

Bulldog in the Texas bluebonnets

A lot of delegates on the NPRA list already have their out-of-office messages on, saying they’re out of reach on the way to San Antonio via the delights of Houston. The weather forecast covers everything from “isolated thunderstorms” on Friday, to “sunny” and “partly cloudy” on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then back to “isolated thunderstorms” for Tuesday. […]

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Grim humour as Gustav nears Gulf oil and petchems

I’m on holiday this week but just as I was leaving the office, a US reader who had dragged himself away from presidential and vice-presidential nominations sent this link which is circulating amongst the petchem workers of the US Gulf as Hurricane Gustav approaches.

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More Rainy Weekends

It’s no comfort in this washout summer to read that it’s more likely to rain at weekends than in the week. Apparently man-made pollution during the week helps form clouds, resulting in extra rain at the weekends in summer, according to this article today in New Scientist. Researchers in Barcelona took 40 years of weather data and found that although the rain in Spain falls mainly at the weekend in summer, it is the other way round in winter.

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