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Predrag back to Kolmar

There was great hilarity at NPRA when traders Kolmar announced that Predrag Sasic had returned to the Kolmar fold, just seven months after quitting. His original reason for leaving was that he didn’t want to move to Zug with the company. In the meantime, Predrag moved himself to Zug with a new employer, but then saw the error of his ways and was welcomed back into the bosom of Kolmar. Click here for the full “Trader Update” on

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Blue Monday foretells oil and stock market crashes

The oil price fell and then fell some more today. Stock markets crashed in London, Paris, Frankfurt and across Asia. Every year the third Monday of January is characterised as Blue Monday, because this is the most depressed day of the year. It is the day when people realise they hate their lives. It is […]

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Blood on the Trading Floor

The high price of crude, unplanned plant outages, force majeures, difficult customers – these all add to the stress of the trader’s life. No wonder then that violence can break out on the trading floor.

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Futures trading and First Class travel

I went to an excellent half-day course at the LME (London Metal Exchange) on plastics futures contracts. Held in an oak-panelled room overlooking the trading pit, it wasn’t just for beginners – major PS producer Pierre and his team were there. Also other plastics fabricators, traders and bankers. ICIS was favourably mentioned in a number […]

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