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ICIS Training team in Philadelphia

The ICIS Training team is in Philadelphia, USA, using the premises of the Chemical Heritage Foundation for the Introduction to Petrochemicals courses. Peter has taken a few shots of the delegates enjoying a tour of the Foundation’s new museum, where they heard some interesting stories about the development of Bakelite, nylon and Gore-Tex. Peter was also rather […]

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Aromatics training module

Everyone SO enjoyed the training session on aromatics I did yesterday here in the ICIS London offices, that by popular acclaim I am putting the link to the ICIS aromatics training module here for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, there is not much to see before you pay the $115 (inc VAT) fee.   Click here for […]

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Chemical engineers develop training programme for cats

Chemical engineers in the US have developed a training programme for cats, as shown in this video clip which my friend Dan Blank at RB Interactive in the States has been kind enough to forward.   Using the procedures and techniques of the engineer, as well as the classic garb of safety goggles and mitts, […]

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ICIS Training goes to Frankfurt

The ICIS Petrochemicals & Polymers training seminars went to Frankfurt this week. Nigel, Peter and Linda said the course delegates were a good cross section of buyers and sellers, and very keen. By pure coincidence, two polymer business partners – one producer and his customer – found themselves on the same training course.   Everyone was […]

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A forecasting joke

My friend Paul Hodges was here in the office on Friday and showed me a shocking slide from a presentation which a well-known chemicals consultancy had given at an industry briefing in June 2008, showing peak oil continuing for years to come and hence high chemical plant operating rates and high profitability. As we all […]

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ICIS Training Seminars in Brussels

(Photos: the view from my hotel room at the Ibis on the Grasmarkt in Brussels) It’s Springtime in Brussels, and the city’s cobbled streets and squares are full of people in pavement cafes enjoying the sunshine, smoking heavily and eating chips with mayonnaise followed by waffles. But the ICIS Training seminars are not here in […]

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Oil and chemicals background for new Reed Elsevier CEO Smith

The new boss of Reed Elsevier and hence ICIS has an industry background which includes “the oil, consultancy, healthcare and construction sectors,” according to this profile of Ian Smith in today’s Financial Times. “Mr Smith started his career at Shell,” the article continues, heralding his arrival as chief executive in March.   Reading this on […]

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Texan glamour at the ICIS Intro to Baseoils training seminar

I’ve just popped in to the ICIS training “Introduction to Baseoils” seminar at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, where tomorrow’s World Baseoils conference is going to be held. You can tell it’s IP Week, because there are oil company names on all the hotel suites listed on the screens in the lobby.   Baseoils […]

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Amsterdam ICIS training seminars – February 2009

The ICIS training seminars are in Amsterdam this week, and since everyone in the petchem industry is expecting this year to be a tough one for attendance on external courses and at conferences, it is very gratifying that both the Beginners’ and Advanced courses are sold out. Attendance figures from all the major industry conferences […]

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Webexes and webinars – poor man’s business travel

I’m sitting at my desk looking at my screen and talking for 40 minutes into a void. No-one in the ICIS office is paying any attention to me, but in a distant south European city, 60 people are sitting in a meeting room, following my every word. Another 40 are sitting quietly in cities from Singapore to […]

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