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Comments are a private matter

Friendly or informative comments on the Bloghave always been welcome, so it is a matter of some disappointment that thecommenting function on the ICIS blogs has been switched off. It seems that theservers were being swamped with spam. If you would like to post a comment on aposting, you can take the alternative route and […]

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In praise of the travel smock

Themulti-pocketed travel smock which looked so ridiculous when Janos modelled itin the office, is now getting mainstream media attention. “I’mnot going through security with you,” I told him when he showed it to me. “Youlook like a suicide bomber.” NowI read that the luggage restrictions on no-frills airlines have led to cannypassengers wearing as much […]

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petrol can red rexfeatures_799851a.jpg

Boom sales of plastic petrol cans

It isboom time for sales of plastic petrol cans in the UK, after a governmentminister mistakenly advised people to stockpile petrol at home. The UK press isfull of articles about panic buying of fuel, dry petrol stations and domesticaccidents caused by petrol storage in homes. Onearticle in Friday’s FT reported “a 225% jump in sales […]

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grackles and starlings houston.jpg

A murmuration of starlings in Houston

(photo: Houston Chronicle) Thousandsof starlings and grackles are gathering every evening in the trees alongWestheimer and around the Galleria in Houston,the Blog was startled to see and hear on a recent visit. The noise isincredibly loud, even over the normal roar of the traffic.  The black birds wheel across the sky in greatdark clouds, and […]

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Subbuteo back with added plastics

Subbuteowill relaunch in March 2012, bringing the classic table football game to a newgeneration of children, according to an article in the Grocer. Oneof the great improvements in the new game, which features Premiership team tie-upswith Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, is that the little figures are now made offlexible plastic so that they will […]

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vince cable shootingstar.jpg

UK Business Secretary volunteers for Shooting Star CHASE

One thing you can say about plastic bags is that they are goodfor advertising a message. In a campaign to encourage volunteering, the UK’sbusiness secretary Vince Cable was photographed modelling this charity plasticbag while volunteering on Friday the 13th January in a hospicecharity shop in west London, according to the Shooting Star Chase websitetoday.

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antarctica or a plastic bag.jpg

Antarctica or a plastic bag?

As thedebate about banning single-use plastic bags rages on, these photos celebratethe inner beauty of plastic bags, comparing them to the view from a cavern inAntarctica,, a blog about “creativity and the handmade life for thepostmodern male.” There aremore suggestions for beautiful artefacts made from recycled plastic cups, or melted plastic soldiers.

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Plasticine – another perfect petrochemical toy

Plasticine, the multi-coloured putty-like modelling clay beloved of children and animators. Why has it never occurred to the Blog that this is another perfect petrochemical toy?   What is it made from? Calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids, according to Online Schools, and the trademark is owned by Flair Leisure Products, based in Cheam, […]

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Top fish and chips in London

Our visitors to London often clamour to be taken for the classic British fish and chips meal. To be clear, it is usually our American or Australian visitors. Our Chinese colleagues tend not to want to repeat the experience.   Until now, the Blog had always recommended the Sea Shell in Marylebone, but since a […]

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Happy New Year 2012.jpg

Happy New Year 2012

A fantastic and prosperous Happy New Year 2012 to all Blog readers. Let’s go into the new year with enthusiasm and optimism, despite all the predictions of imminent economic meltdown not to mention the Mayan End of Times prophecy for 2012.   Why not download a jolly free wallpaper and choose some small manageable resolutions […]

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