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Great Carpets of the Chemical Conferences

When it comes to spectacular conference carpets, the golden swirls on the ballroom floor at the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai for GPCA are now considered the most splendid of all.   Surpassing even the lastingly popular psychedelic carpet of the ICIS suite in the Marriott, San Antonio at NPRA.  

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Lego Xmas tree in London’s St Pancras station

While I was at ICIS training in London this week, my fellow blogger Paul Hodges of “Chemicals in the Economy” was passing through St Pancras Station when he espied the famous environmentally friendly (reusable ABS) Lego Xmas tree and immediately whipped out his camera to snap this photo for my Blog.

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Polycarbonate at the Olympics

An invitation to apply for the Olympic Football Tournament has landed in the Blog inbox today. The tickets go on sale tomorrow, 30 November 2011 for this part of the London 2012 Olympics.   The poster photo shows the stylish polycarbonate roof of Wembley Stadium, with some footballer in the foreground.   The Blog will […]

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A full-length Lego movie and a full-size Xmas tree

The Blog is on a voluntary Lego diet, and is limiting itself to one Lego posting a month.   Even if acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) Lego is the perfect petrochemical toy, you can have too much of a good thing.     Nevertheless, who could fail to be impressed with the idea of a Lego film, and […]

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Three ICIS bloggers at Aromatics Conference

For the first time, and FOR ONE TIME ONLY, three ICIS bloggers will be appearing at the same place at the same time, at the 10th European Aromatics & Derivatives Conference on Tuesday in Amsterdam.   Paul Hodges will be giving a paper on Tuesday on the outlook for aromatics and derivatives, and chairing the […]

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Cascading polystyrene snow trees

Snow is falling down the Christmas tree in the window of the Blog’s hairdresser in London. Artificial snow, that is, but constantly falling, like a closed-loop fountain.   I sit inside the hairdresser watching as passers-by stop to marvel at it. Some are open-mouthed in astonishment. Parents lift children up to watch the white snowflakes […]

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Satellite photos spot Greek swimming pools

The number of Greek taxpayers in Athens answering on their tax returns that they had a swimming pool was 324. The number of swimming pools counted by satellite photos commissioned by the tax authorities in 2010 was 16,974, the Blog’s son read out from the Times on Thursday morning.   Not wishing to trivialise the […]

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JP Morgan explains euro crisis with Lego

Is everyone jumping on the Lego bandwagon? Here JP Morgan illustrates the euro crisis with the use of some cute Lego figures and some blatant national stereotyping.   The Spanish are toreadors, the Germans are men in helmets and the French are artists.   The original graphic is from Michael Cembalest’s research note, buried in […]

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Good – Cheap – Fast

It goes for any line of business: manufacturing, consultancy or price reporting … Customers want it fast and cheap, but if you want to produce good work it is going to take longer or cost more. You can’t keep everyone happy, and that’s the age old truth.   Photo via Eyebeam, spotted by Larry T 

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Free Lego toys in the Sun

The Sun newspaper has gone Lego mad today.   Look out for strong localised demand for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), as the UK’s biggest circulation red-top paper, heads its Thursday 13 October 2011 issue with a banner headline: FREE LEGO TOYS ARE BACK: CONTINUES THIS WEEK IN THE SUN.     The page is also […]

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