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Chemical adverts #16: Plastic wrap for baby bundles

Wrapping babies in plastic? This picture in an old DuPont advert makes the Blog feel decidedly queasy, which is probably why reader Regan forwarded it on.   “I know how you love a good chemical related advert of yesteryear, even if maybe not so pc in today’s world,” he writes.

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lego death star.jpg

Lego Death Star diorama in 30,000 pieces

Patience is a virtue, but investing six months in building a 30,000-piece Lego Death Star diorama from Return of the Jedi must be more than a little boring.   Teacher Jay Hoff spent $2,300 on this display of the adorable little acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) bricks, according to this article spotted by Truong.

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Humour from Berlin

Some jokes going around in Berlin …   Sausage   Last time I flew back from EPCA in Berlin, sausages exploded in my luggage. It was a wurst case scenario.   From Richard   A man goes to see his dentist. “I think I’m a moth,” he says. “You need to see a doctor, not […]

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petrol for dogs.jpg

Give your dog Petrol

Rexam’s annual report has excited some interest in the office today, with the discovery deep in the report of innovative packaging solutions for the world’s first foam liqueur, and even better: “a delicious dog treat beverage.”     First for the foam liqueur, advertised for cocktails as well as after dinner moments. The Rexam report […]

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followyourheart new scientist.jpg

Find chemistry with other singles – New Scientist Connect

Online dating with New Scientist Connect – “find chemistry with other singles here” – has just been launched to bring like-minded people together, according to today’s New Scientist newsletter.   “Whether you’re looking for love, or just to meet someone on the same wavelength, no matter where you are in the world,” the message continues, […]

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Champ (2).jpg

First ICIS Decathlon champ crowned

Joe Chang in ICIS New York has won the first ever ICIS Decathlon and writes this characteristically modest account …   Two years, one pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, bruised egos, and countless regrets culminating in one spectacular bar fight, has finally resulted in a winner in the 1st ICIS Decathlon.   In a dizzying […]

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Matt Bye percentage photo from Metro.JPG

Basic maths in business life

The lack of basic numeracy in advertising was the topic of outraged conversation on the sidelines of a workshop the Blog attended this morning.   A photo from today’s Metro was being passed round on a colleague’s iPhone to a general sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Spot the error …  

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city looters 1.jpg

Lego Looters

Knowing the Blog’s well-founded love of Lego, one reader has sent a link to this spoof website with a new playset: City Looters.   The little ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) bricks have been formed into four tableaux of city rioting and looting – not that the Blog condones any of this for one minute!   […]

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singapore straits times lego ship.jpg

Lego gets man into Singapore university

Lego, the perfect petrochemical toy, will get you into university, it’s official. Singapore’s Straits Times has an article in its education supplement today on how a young man built a Lego 1.5m long submersible aircraft carrier, with battery-operated moving parts, and used it for his university application. His Youtube video of the process earned him a place […]

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durian mooncakes.jpg

Brave new food – durian mooncakes

It is time to give durian fruit another chance. A stall outside the Marriott Singapore on the corner of Orchard Road is selling a variety of mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival, and one of them is “Snowskin Mooncake Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian.”   I’m up for that, although not a presentation […]

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