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American view of the world

European petchem folk are now back at their desks after NPRA and fully recovered from the jet lag. Many of them are still exhibiting flu symptoms from all the excessive “mwa mwa” air-kissing, which is such a prominent feature of chemicals conferences today. The Blog was busy in high-level meetings with US contacts, but now on sifting through a pile of business cards, organograms, company brochures and delegate briefing notes, has brought back this concise view of the world from the american perspective.

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Propane for the Olympic Flame

The Olympic flame seems to have ignited people’s views on the problems in Tibet (she writes) but another major one seems to have been forgotten. No one seems to have questioned what damage the burning of the Olympic flame and the lanterns through 135 cities or what travelling 137,000km across 20 countries in 130 days will do to the environment. Although propane has been named the fuel of choice for burning the torch because of its low environmental impact, the flame does produce the dreaded carbon dioxide. Add to this the carbon footprint produced by the necessary 20 vehicle convoy and the specially chartered Air China flight and one has to wonder if the Olympic committee has checked with the European Union on whether it needed to buy some carbon credits before “lighting up”.

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Chemicals execs have beautiful daughters – official

Chemicals dads are now lining up to tell the Blog about their gorgeous daughters. It’s now three chemicals execs who have daughters who are models. South African trader Henry was in the ICIS suite at NPRA on Monday morning, and told me that his younger daughter is now modelling for Next UK, and Schwarzkopf in Germany and Russia. This follows on from Sunday night’s revelation from James at Petrochem Carless that his teenage daughter is also a model, and it has long been known to ICIS editors that Andrew at Gantrade’s daughter is a catwalk model and earning more than her dad.

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Great Chemical Puns No.1 – “And so I face the Vinyl Curtain”

I saw this great chemical pun in a gallery in Bristol at the weekend. It’s from a series of amusing drawings by Simon Drew, who works in pen and ink with an emphasis on wildlife and everyday subjects. For our Tex-Mex friends in Houston, there is a tequila-themed drawing too.

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Rigged: The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who Changed the World of Oil, from Wall Street to Dubai

“Rigged – the true story of a young Ivy Leaguer in the oil industry” by Ben Mezrich has some very mixed reviews on, but on the author’s own website he writes that Kevin Spacey has taken out an option to make a movie of it.

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High-rise polycarbonate bird nestboxes

It seems that this is National Nest Box Week in the UK, and today BBC Radio had top architect Will Alsop revealing his new designer nest box made of polycarbonate.There was also a multi-coloured cone-shaped nest box made from acrylic.

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Perfect Chemical Presents No 3 – Periodic Table Mug

those whose knowledge of chemistry is on the slim side
the filmic qualities of paint drying
hot steamy action starring the Periodic Table Mug

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Perfect Chemical Presents No 2 – the Mobile Phone Jam Device

The Blog is fascinated to hear about Mobile Phone Jammers which are now very popular in the US, although completely illegal. Handheld devices as small as a cigarette packet can be used to cut off a call at the click of a button. They would be perfect for ICIS conferences and EPL after-dinner speeches, not […]

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Top 10 Songs about Chemicals

You already work in the chemical industry. You buy, sell or write about chemicals. Whether you want to or not, you probably wear them and even eat them and drink them. My colleague Doris writes in her blog about how we slap chemicals on our faces in lotions and potions. Now the ICIS Music Editors […]

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Europe vs America in Polite Argument

I came across this interesting piece on the blog of Stephen Fry (actor, comedian, presenter) about travelling in the US. He talks about the differences between European and US ideas of polite argument. It’s very long and you need to trawl most of the way down to the end (21 paragraphs) to find the heading […]

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