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Perfect Chemical Presents No 1 – the Borat Swimsuit

Are you racking your brain for what to buy that special chemical person in your life for a birthday, retirement or seasonal present? Look no further – the ICIS Fashion Editor is back to help with those difficult choices once again. I once bought a paint-your-own-cow kit (remember Cow Parade?) from the website, and […]

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Do Turkeys celebrate Thanksgiving?

A Thanksgiving Greeting to all of the Blog’s US readers. Your offices are closed today, as is ICIS Houston, so shut your laptop now and go help in the kitchen. For all those Americans stranded overseas in Europe or Asia, who must wait till evening for your turkey dinner, click here for a warming sight […]

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The Demise of the Chemicals Xmas Card

It’s November, so piles of Chemicals Greetings Cards are starting to wend their way across the desks of uninterested executives for signature. Is there anything quite as dreary as the sight of jolly snowmen on a mild autumn day? There can be few logistical nightmares quite as daft as boxloads of Season’s Greetings cards being […]

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Video Review: Chemically Enhanced Bunnies

Everyone’s favourite video clip – it’s got chemicals, wildlife and New York City.

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Rugby leads the way for chemicals calendar

After all the chemicals conferences where we hear that Europe and the US are finished and the future is all in the east, now the news in sport that Europe is indeed finished and the winners are all in the south. France has been beaten by Argentina, and now England beaten by South Africa in […]

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Ah Lunch!

Ah Lunch!Just what the discerning blogger likes to sit down to at lunchtime. Prima!I bought this very nice meal here.View Larger Map

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Belgium for sale on eBay

This was my favourite news story last week. A disgruntled journalist put Belgium up for sale on eBay.

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Chemicals Book Column: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I’ve just finished a great book, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” by Paul Torday. What’s the relevance to the chemical industry. Nothing much really, only it has • Middle East interest • The unbridgeable gulf between techie experts and inept management • Corporate and political scheming • Fish Other good books I’ve read recently with […]

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Welcome to the big charity Blogathon – Chemicals Confidential

Welcome to the first Chemicals Confidential blog, on the RBI Charity Blogathon today, Monday 24 September 2007. Reed has generously promised to donate £50 to charity for every blogger, and extra for every hit on the blog and every comment you post here today, so go ahead and make a comment – it’s all […]

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