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A murmuration of starlings in Houston

(photo: Houston Chronicle) Thousandsof starlings and grackles are gathering every evening in the trees alongWestheimer and around the Galleria in Houston,the Blog was startled to see and hear on a recent visit. The noise isincredibly loud, even over the normal roar of the traffic.  The black birds wheel across the sky in greatdark clouds, and […]

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BP oil disaster – chemicals to the rescue

Reading day after day about the devastation caused by the BP oil spill in the US Gulf, am I the only chemical obsessive wondering what “dispersants” these are, being used on the oil slick, and what “detergents” these are, being use to clean up the seabirds?   Maybe there’s an idea for a Mr Nice/Mr […]

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Yellow ducks – more plastics in advertising

I’ve just remembered this ad was also on before the main film last night. Anyone who still has the ICIS yellow plastic ducks from conferences gone by, not to mention the Hilton Hotels tiny yellow ducks, will welcome this advance of the ducks into mainstream cinema. The advert is called “March of the Ducks” and […]

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Face to face with the Quick Brown Fox

This evening as I was driving home I saw a big strong fox running fast down the road ahead of me, his fur ginger brown in the car’s headlights. He turned into my road, and then keeping to the left ran the length of the road in front of the car, running easily at 15 […]

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