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Ryder Cup players are model for petchems

Watching the opening of the Ryder Cup, which kicks off today in Kentucky, sets me wondering about golf and chemicals. Why is golf the sport of the international petrochemical industry? Even as EPCA has axed the Sunday sailing competition this year, and the tennis numbers dwindle away, but the golf event at the Cannes-Mandelieu Old Course Golf Club is still going strong.

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Hazardous Materials Data Sheet

Physical properties: 1 Body surface normally covered with film of powder and paint. 2. Boils at absolutely nothing – freezes for no apparent reason. 3. Found in various grades ranging from virgin material …

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Adaptive polymers in hi-tech bras welcomed by the well-endowed

The hi-tech bras of the future containing “adaptive polymers” will bring welcome support to well-endowed women, according to a paper given at this week’s American College of Sports Medicine conference and given full coverage in this posting on New Scientist’s Short Sharp Science blog: “When boobs are uncomfortably bouncy”.

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Chemicals to increase your bust?

Are chemicals in your lipstick increasing your bust?
Male or female breast cells are stimulated by the presence of oestrogen to produce more mammary tissue.

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Paul, the Supermodel and that Maserati

Let’s see what my fellow chemicals blogger, Paul Hodges, knows about supermodels and high finance, in this piece in his ICIS blog “Chemicals and the Economy”.

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Sisters are doing it in chemicals

You only have to look around an EPCA conference session or an EPL dinner to see that it’s a male-dominated industry but for all the years I’ve been going to these events, there have always been plenty of women around. At the last EPL (European Petrochemical Luncheon) in Bratislava, Slovakia, there were 24 women out […]

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