Jumbo Jamnagar

News about the configuration of Reliance Industries’ cracker at Jamnagar is finally trickling in. The plan is to use the offgases from the refineries as feedstock to produce 1.5m tonnes/year ethylene, reports ICIS news. This would make it the world’s largest ethylene unit, which is not really a surprise given Reliance’s fondness for all things worldscale. The derivatives slate has also been finalised with polyethylenes and MEG on the list.

Given the amount of ethylene that will be produced, the downstream capacities will be huge. Exports are likely to figure heavily in the marketing strategy as it will take a while for Indian markets to absorb the huge volumes.

And other petchems companies may want to start preparing for the onslaught – the complex is due to be ready in 2010-11. Going by Reliance’s track record, I will be surprised if the project sees significant delays.


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