Time to wake up to climate change

India is known to move slowly. So it is perhaps not surprising to read that most local companies have yet to formulate strategies to face the challenge of climate change.

KPMG recently released a report on a study carried out earlier this year to understand if Indian business leaders are aware of the climate change issue, its implications for the economy and their businesses and their readiness to respond to the impending changes.

Only 41% of respondents thought they had a good understanding of the issue and have a clear strategy in place.

While a number of Indian businesses claim to be aware of the need to reduce their carbon impact and believe that they are taking steps towards it, most companies have not taken the first step of measuring their carbon footprint, says KPMG. Only 21% of respondents indicated that they fully measure their carbon impact while 16% of respondents don’t see the need for such an analysis.

The full report is available here.


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