Students still love IT

Indian information technology (IT) companies may no longer be queuing up at campuses for fresh graduates but engineering students continue to rank this sector above all others, according to the latest Nielsen Campus Track T-Schools study.

Chemicals, not surprisingly, does not figure on the list although oil and gas was seen as the ‘industry of the future’. Other promising sectors, as identified by students, were nanotechnology, power, telecom and IT services.

The survey also showed that half of the 2010 graduates planned to move out of their first job in three years or less, with 51% citing higher studies as a reason for leaving. Better career opportunities, better salary, better designation, and job satisfaction are some other reasons for moving out.

But students are willing to stay back if the employer pays them well (39%), if they are satisfied with their job (34%), if their job provides a good work environment (32%), and if the employer is willing to sponsor their higher education (31%).

And what do graduates want from their first job?

“The soon-to-be engineers want to work for a technically sound company when they pass out, ranking it the highest on the list of drivers that influence choice of an employer. They want to work on sophisticated and state of the art technology, where there is good learning on the job and want to work in a growing industry, where they get ‘hands on’ exposure to projects,” says The Nielsen Company.

Indian chemical companies should be able to offer this but can they match salaries offered by IT companies?


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  1. ene 18 September, 2009 at 3:45 pm #

    i am a chemical engineering student from nigeria and am interested.

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