ADD puzzle

It is more than a month since the commerce ministry announced stiff antidumping duties (ADD) on polypropylene (PP) imports from Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Oman. But a customs notification has yet to be released and this is puzzling many industry players. The customs notification, seen as a formality, is usually out within a week after an announcement by the commerce ministry.

It was initially believed that the delay was because government officials were busy preparing for the Indian budget that was put forward on 6 July. But it is three weeks since the budget and everyone is still waiting for the notification. Nobody seems to know the reason for the delay.

But I have been hearing that affected Saudi producers, which includes Sabic and Advanced Polypropylene Co (APC), have taken up the issue at the ‘highest level’ and that meetings have been held with Indian government officials. I wonder if this has resulted in second thoughts. And I also wonder if the strong opposition will influence producers’ plans for ADD on polyethylene (PE) imports from the Middle East.

Meanwhile Indian chemical producers are continuing their ADD spree. Latest additions to the long list of products under investigation include polyol, titanium dioxide and caustic soda.


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  1. Hari 4 August, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    It would be interesting to track imports that have happened between the date of announcement and actual notification. what is the extent of loss to Indian industry?

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