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Going green

Green chemistry is gaining ground in India with alert companies following the global trend to make products from renewable feedstocks, reduce waste and energy consumption. Pradip Kadakia, Abhishek Nigam and Ashwin Rao of Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) say that Indian chemical companies are making good progress in lowering the industry’s environmental footprint by adopting […]

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Will new biofuels policy create more problems?

The Indian cabinet has approved a national biofuel policy that is likely set a higher blending target. Details of the policy have not been announced but it has been reported that the government will mandate 20% ethanol or biodiesel blended petrol by 2017. Currently, the country has 5% ethanol blending which would rise to 10% […]

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Ethanol blending: boon or bane?

Is India being too hasty in introducing mandatory ethanol blending? The government is on the verge of announcing a policy of 10% blending with petrol from October 2008. Those in favour point out that introducing ethanol to the fuel mix will cut India’s dependence on imported oil and contribute to energy security. The move will […]

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