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ADD puzzle

It is more than a month since the commerce ministry announced stiff antidumping duties (ADD) on polypropylene (PP) imports from Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Oman. But a customs notification has yet to be released and this is puzzling many industry players. The customs notification, seen as a formality, is usually out within a week after […]

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PP anti dumping duty shocks

Anti-dumping duty (ADD) on polypropylene (PP) imports from Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Oman has finally been announced. And the high level of duties, which are company specific and range from $44.40/tonne to $1,033.65/tonne, has upset many processors and importers. I have been told that one of the reasons for imposing a stiff penalty is because […]

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Ouch! That hurts

I have been hearing that the Indian government will soon announce preliminary antidumping duty (ADD) on polypropylene (PP) imports from Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Oman. A few lucky producers/exporters have escaped but there are many who face a stiff duty of as much as a few hundred dollars, say my friends from the industry. Polymer […]

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Self-preservation first

India is aggressively moving to protect domestic companies with more news trickling in on safeguard and antidumping duties. The government is planning to initiate safeguard duty investigations on Chinese imports of 12-13 products from the chemicals and base metals sector, says this report in the Business Standard. This comes after the government decided on 30 […]

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Petchem politics

Will politics help Indian petrochemical companies gain access to cheap Saudi feedstock? Well, the government appears to be making an effort in this direction. During his visit to Saudi Arabia last week, India’s external affair minister emphasised the need for greater participation by Indian companies in Saudi oil and gas exploration as well as the […]

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Ask for more!

Indian managers looking for job opportunities in the Middle East will find this report interesting. A Middle East salary survey carried out by bayt.com (a Middle East-based jobs website) shows that while salaries rose by 12-17% last year, the cost of living climbed by 27-28%. The rise in cost of living was the fastest in […]

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Anyone for plastics paradise?

In its quest for value addition, Saudi Arabia is aggressively marketing itself as an investment destination for the plastics industry. And processors from India are being wooed to set up shop in the Kingdom. A delegation of Indian processors, just back from a visit, appeared impressed at what was on offer. The opportunities were discussed […]

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