Real-time pricing information for Benzene Asia

Live feed on what’s driving Asia benzene prices

The Asia benzene market is highly liquid, with a large volume of trades occurring daily. Market players thus require increased transparency on trading prices and activities. The live information feed from ICIS addresses this by providing real-time information on the highly active Asia benzene markets.

See real-time updates on prices, deals and news

  • Bids, offers, deals and pegged prices throughout the day, including CFR and FOB deals in Asia.
  • Market news snippets as they happen, including production updates, inventory levels, upstream and downstream news and import/export data.
  • Price window - a timed opportunity every trading day when market players announce their bids, offers and deals to the rest of the market.

Use the live information feed to:

  • Respond immediately to price changes and new deals
  • Save time by accessing live trades and market information from one source
  • Gain immediate access to import and export data as well as news on plant updates
  • Make informed commercial decisions using real time data

The live information feed is accessible via the ICIS dashboard for subscribers to the daily Asia benzene report. See the factors driving price movements as they happen and respond quickly to opportunities and market changes.

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About ICIS

ICIS is a trusted market intelligence provider for the global chemical, energy and fertilizer industries.

With over 30 years of experience in petrochemicals price reporting, including benzene, ICIS is recognised globally and our price assessments are widely quoted in contract settlements. ICIS implements stringent editorial standards, in line with regulatory bodies such as IOSCO, to ensure that our price assessments are robust, 100% verified and free from conflicts of interest.

Stay abreast of the global benzene markets with the following ICIS products:

  • Global benzene price reports - Regional price assessments and market analysis, including price history, covering the global benzene industry and enabling you to understand price drivers and fluctuations to settle your contract prices with confidence.
  • Benzene supply and demand data – A snapshot view of historical and forecast information on supply and demand, production capacity and trade flows.
  • World Aromatics Annual Study – In-depth analysis of capacity, production, consumption, trade flows and production economics. The annual study includes supply and demand balances, as well as information on actual and projected derivative capacities.