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What's covered in our China Caustic soda price report
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Caustic soda China Transcript


The weekly caustic soda report in China focuses on 32% liquid caustic soda and 99% solid caustic soda. It provides detailed price assessments for the Chinese domestic market.


Coverage of the export market is also included with free on board (FOB) export prices assessed. These price ranges can move week by week as regional market conditions dictate.


Since caustic soda is produced together with chlorine, information on the price and market for chlorine is also contained in the report. Other factors, which influence pricing, such as supply and demand are also discussed. Details include plant capacities, plant operating rates and downstream demand. The caustic soda market in China is very fluid.


Our regular talks with producers, traders and buyers take this into account and can provide timely and accurate information for our readers. Many subscribers find the report useful and they can rely on the information contained within it to help establish their own pricing terms and they can also use it for planning.

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We offer the following regional Caustic soda coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the China Caustic soda marketplace.

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